Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Morbid go 3-0 in the Pre-Season

The Miramar Morbid played their final pre-season match-up in the WBBL on Monday night. Their opponent this week was the Barak Varr Black Beards who are a rookie Dwarf team playing their first pre-season game. The Dwarfs brought a wizard with them to help balance the game against a more experienced Morbid team. It seems however that nothing could have really helped the Black Beards pull off a victory tonight as Nuffle was out to give them a harsh lesson in their first game in the WBBL.

The Black Beards won the coin toss and decided to receive in the first half in the hope of getting early points on the board. A poor kick-off from the Morbid was a good first sign too allowing the Black Beards plenty of time to get a Runner under the ball for a catch before the first drive began.

The Black Beards set the tone of the game by knocking out Cleo with their first block and leaving the Morbid one Blocker down for the rest of the match as she failed to come to consciousness. The response from the Morbid however was brutal as one of the Black Beards' Troll Slayers and one of their Blockers had to be carried from the field in a bloody mess within the first quarter of the game. Another Blocker soon followed to the dugout unconscious and the pressure being applied by the Morbid front line gave the Black Beards' Runners no where to go. Rookie Runner Jumpin' Jack Flash soon found a gap to blitz through and sacked the Black Beards'Runner carrying the ball before recovering and taking the ball to the endzone halfway through the second quarter. Even the Wizard could do nothing to stop Jack Flash as his Lightning Bolt fizzled and spluttered from his wand having no effect.

With so little time on the clock the Black Beards had to attempt a passing play to even the score before the half. However the front line again collapsed under pressure allowing the Morbid to stall out till the end of the half.

At the beginning of the second half the Black Beards came out with a determination they lacked in the first. As the Morbid received the ball they began their drive downfield only to meet a stalwart Dwarf line. Through the third quarter the Black Beards sent Wither McTwist off the field unconscious quickly followed by Kieth Richards leaving the Morbid down by another Blocker and a Lineman. The Morbid retaliated by removing another Dwarf Blocker from the game with a dislocated knee but it wasn't enough as the Black Beards began methodically disassembling the pocket around Jack Flash. Time was running out for the Morbid and Jack had to break out of the pocket and make a run for the line.

Supported by Ethil, Timmy and Pepe who managed to block out the chasing Dwarf players Jack dived in for his second touchdown of the game halfway through the third quarter.

With so little time left and down by 2 points the Black Beards couldn't win but were hoping to at least put one point on the board before the final whistle. With a favourable kick they looked to push down the sideline for an all or nothing run at the line.

Nuffle still did not smile on the Black Beards however as the Blitzer carrying the ball tripped on his own beard just short of the endzone. The ball bounced loose and the last seconds of the game ticked away to leave the Morbid with a 2-0 win.

This was a fortunate game for the Morbid as the Dwarfs were truly Nuffled. They'll be hoping to bring some of this good luck into the regular season when it begins in March. Until then nothing has changed with the starting line-up; Timmy the Nob will remain on the bench in favour of the rookie Runner Jumpin' Jack Flash. The roster for the regular season is as below.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Football, of the Fantasy and American kind

Well it's taken me almost a week to get to writing about it but finally I'm typing up something about the ultimate cluster-fuck that was Super Bowl 51. Being a #notthepatriots fan it's safe to say I was not overly happy about the outcome. In fact of the 100 odd people watching it in the bar I was at you could probably count the number of smiling faces on one hand. That being said though the Patriots deserved the win. They played the entire game (even if somewhat poorly in the first half) whereas Atlanta just seemed to give up in the second half. The Patriots definitely earned their 5th Super Bowl title so well done to them. Despite that I'm still not a fan.

One good thing has come out of this at least in that it has got me much more excited about playing Blood Bowl. There are a few things going on in my world Blood Bowl wise at the moment so here's a bit of a run down:

Stillwater Stiffs have moved...

Long time ChriBBL league franchise the Stillwater Stiffs, who have received a lot of coverage in this blog, have moved up North and are now competing in the Wellington Blood Bowl League (WBBL) this summer as a Khemrian team. Under new management they have renamed themselves the Miramar Morbid and have played two pre-season games against the Spittsburg Squeelers and the Frosty Snowmen. Both have resulted in very close wins for the Morbid leaving them in good standing for the regular season. They play their final pre-season game tomorrow night before the WBBL season kicks off in March. Here's a quick run-down of their matches so far:

Spittsberg Squeelers 1-0

The Morbid received in the first half and were intent on beginning their slow grind downfield. Unfortunately a Pitch Invasion left about half the players on both teams lying dazed on the turf.

After a few minutes to regather themselves both teams set about the business at hand and the game got underway.

The Squeelers Bomber (they are a Goblin team played with Skaven models) was devastating in knocking the Morbid to the ground but couldn't get any players off the pitch. Likewise the Looney swung his chainsaw wide and often at the Morbid but couldn't bring anyone down. Ultimately the Morbid sent all of the secret weapon Goblins (Rats) to the KOed or Injured dugout and Pepe dived into the endzone in the dying seconds of the first half.

With no secret weapons and so few models left on the pitch the Squeelers struggled to pull anything together in the second half. Admittedly another Pitch Invasion taking out half our teams again at the start of the half didn't help. What the hell are the odds of that!?!

Anyway the Squeelers just didn't have the players to create a good scoring opportunity so eventually the ball was turned over and the Morbid began heading towards their endzone again.

The plucky Squeelers however managed to delay the Morbid long enough for the clock to run down and they were left with only a single Touchdown to win the game.

Frosty Snowmen 1-0

The Morbid received first in this game too once again the start of the game was interrupted by a Pitch Invasion (honestly, you can't make this shit up!). This one however was far more favourable to the Morbid with none of their players knocked down and half the Snowmen lying face down on the pitch.

The Morbid used this opportunity to run downfield and form a pocket for the ball carrier. However some tenacious defence by the Snowmen broke the pocket open and knocked the ball loose.

A last ditch effort was made to move the ball downfield for a scoring opportunity before the clock wound down for the first half.

The Snowmen were having none of it though and turned the ball over before running towards their endzone.

Gratefully the half ended before they could score. The Morbid were then left to lick their wounds after a first half thrashing in which they had all the opportunities. 

The second half started out with no Pitch Invasion thankfully. However early in the second half the Snowmen lost three players to injury in short succession leaving them desperately under-manned.

The casualties continued to mount for the Snowmen as the Morbid took control of the game and eventually the ball too. The Snowmen continued to mount a stubborn defence as the Morbid desperately tried to move the ball to the endzone. Finally in the dying seconds of the game Anna Rexit dived into the endzone to bring the score to 1-0.

So as at the end of two games this is how the team looks:

Now we've finally got a Throw'Ra to run the ball things are beginning to look a little more stable. I believe our next opponent is Dwarfs though which is always a tough match up. I'll let you know how things go later in the week.

The Black Rock Bullies

Work has begun on my Orc team that I'm taking over to Melbourne for the Ausbowl State Champs. I'm going with a black colour scheme with yellow helmets. In trying to decide on a name I came up with Black Rock due to all the dark rocky beaches around Wellington and I decided on Bullies because...well...they're Orcs.

Since this photo was taken I've undercoated them all black and begun work on the underclothes. Given the armour is going to be all black I struggled a bit to find a colour that wasn't too bright in contrast, however I think I've finally worked it out so can get stuck right into batch painting now. Most of the work on these guys will be dry brushing so hopefully I can get through them pretty quick.


Back in this post I talked about how I could do a bit of a send off for my old Blood Bowl board. I mentioned creating a league around the teams I have painted (half-painted to be more accurate) and playing out the first league championship. Well all the results are in and the first Nuffle Independent Blood Bowl League Championship has been won! I'm trying to draft up three posts to step through everything as there's far too much to cover in just one post. Hopefully I can get the first of these up by the end of next week.

Alright that's me for another week. Thanks for dropping in and I hope you enjoyed reading my ramblings. For those of you who are Patriots fans I imagine you had a pretty great week, for the rest of us (let's be honest, that's the VAST majority of us) we'll just have to wait till next year.

Monday, 6 February 2017

A Tale of One Gamer

Well this will be my last post for a Tale of One Gamer. We've reached the end of the experiment and it's been successful to a degree, but with plenty of work still to do.

I didn't get nearly as far as I would have liked with my Kataphron Destroyers. I got all the base colours done and made it table top ready but there's still plenty of detailing to be finished. Not to mention gluing on their left arms and gluing them to their base.

So I think we can safely call that one a fail for January which means more of my stuff will be going up on Trade Me. It's kind of strange though that I'm not that concerned. While I can see that I didn't really complete the whole task successfully, I'm strangely content in the fact that I now have a small 40k army I can use for games.

The past 5 months have definitely been a learning experience for me in a number of ways. I've tried out a few new painting techniques and also resurrected some old ones I've not used in a while. I've also learned that my life is far too crowded with various projects and responsibilities to fit in even more projects and responsibilities. Lastly, I've rekindled my love of 40k models and 40k fiction, yet I'm still not able to find enough time in my schedule to game on any regular basis.

With everything I've learned from this project I definitely need to make some changes in my life around my hobbies. The first change is to complete all of the projects I have half-started and the second is to actually get out there and play some of the games I have models for. At the start of this month I began planning out tournaments for the year that will help me finish off a number of the gaming projects I have sitting round the house and these are the tournaments I came up with:

Mar - Ausbowl State Champs in Melbourne (Blood Bowl)

Apr - NZ Wargaming Nationals in Christchurch (Dystopian Wars)

May - Capital Shield in Wellington (Blood Bowl)

Jun - Southcon in Dunedin (Blood Bowl)

Aug - Call to Arms in Wellington (Dystopian Wars - probably running this one)

Sep - Greenstone Cup in Auckland (Blood Bowl)

Nov - Conquest in Christchurch (Warhammer 40k), also maybe Mainland Bowl in Christchurch (Blood Bowl)

Based on this my focus for the year will be on finishing and expanding my 40k Adeptus Mechanicus and my Dystopian Wars Empire of the Blazing Sun. In between all that I'll be painting the new Orc Blood Bowl team I got for Christmas and finishing off my Halfling and Elf Blood Bowl teams.

Well that's my update for the week. Today is Super Bowl Monday so I'll be out of commission for a while as I recover from far too much beer and far too many buffalo wings. The one thing Super Bowl is good for though is getting me interested in Blood Bowl again, so check back next week for a Blood Bowl update and maybe some Super Bowl bloggings.