Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Morbid go 3-0 in the Pre-Season

The Miramar Morbid played their final pre-season match-up in the WBBL on Monday night. Their opponent this week was the Barak Varr Black Beards who are a rookie Dwarf team playing their first pre-season game. The Dwarfs brought a wizard with them to help balance the game against a more experienced Morbid team. It seems however that nothing could have really helped the Black Beards pull off a victory tonight as Nuffle was out to give them a harsh lesson in their first game in the WBBL.

The Black Beards won the coin toss and decided to receive in the first half in the hope of getting early points on the board. A poor kick-off from the Morbid was a good first sign too allowing the Black Beards plenty of time to get a Runner under the ball for a catch before the first drive began.

The Black Beards set the tone of the game by knocking out Cleo with their first block and leaving the Morbid one Blocker down for the rest of the match as she failed to come to consciousness. The response from the Morbid however was brutal as one of the Black Beards' Troll Slayers and one of their Blockers had to be carried from the field in a bloody mess within the first quarter of the game. Another Blocker soon followed to the dugout unconscious and the pressure being applied by the Morbid front line gave the Black Beards' Runners no where to go. Rookie Runner Jumpin' Jack Flash soon found a gap to blitz through and sacked the Black Beards'Runner carrying the ball before recovering and taking the ball to the endzone halfway through the second quarter. Even the Wizard could do nothing to stop Jack Flash as his Lightning Bolt fizzled and spluttered from his wand having no effect.

With so little time on the clock the Black Beards had to attempt a passing play to even the score before the half. However the front line again collapsed under pressure allowing the Morbid to stall out till the end of the half.

At the beginning of the second half the Black Beards came out with a determination they lacked in the first. As the Morbid received the ball they began their drive downfield only to meet a stalwart Dwarf line. Through the third quarter the Black Beards sent Wither McTwist off the field unconscious quickly followed by Kieth Richards leaving the Morbid down by another Blocker and a Lineman. The Morbid retaliated by removing another Dwarf Blocker from the game with a dislocated knee but it wasn't enough as the Black Beards began methodically disassembling the pocket around Jack Flash. Time was running out for the Morbid and Jack had to break out of the pocket and make a run for the line.

Supported by Ethil, Timmy and Pepe who managed to block out the chasing Dwarf players Jack dived in for his second touchdown of the game halfway through the third quarter.

With so little time left and down by 2 points the Black Beards couldn't win but were hoping to at least put one point on the board before the final whistle. With a favourable kick they looked to push down the sideline for an all or nothing run at the line.

Nuffle still did not smile on the Black Beards however as the Blitzer carrying the ball tripped on his own beard just short of the endzone. The ball bounced loose and the last seconds of the game ticked away to leave the Morbid with a 2-0 win.

This was a fortunate game for the Morbid as the Dwarfs were truly Nuffled. They'll be hoping to bring some of this good luck into the regular season when it begins in March. Until then nothing has changed with the starting line-up; Timmy the Nob will remain on the bench in favour of the rookie Runner Jumpin' Jack Flash. The roster for the regular season is as below.

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