Monday, 6 February 2017

A Tale of One Gamer

Well this will be my last post for a Tale of One Gamer. We've reached the end of the experiment and it's been successful to a degree, but with plenty of work still to do.

I didn't get nearly as far as I would have liked with my Kataphron Destroyers. I got all the base colours done and made it table top ready but there's still plenty of detailing to be finished. Not to mention gluing on their left arms and gluing them to their base.

So I think we can safely call that one a fail for January which means more of my stuff will be going up on Trade Me. It's kind of strange though that I'm not that concerned. While I can see that I didn't really complete the whole task successfully, I'm strangely content in the fact that I now have a small 40k army I can use for games.

The past 5 months have definitely been a learning experience for me in a number of ways. I've tried out a few new painting techniques and also resurrected some old ones I've not used in a while. I've also learned that my life is far too crowded with various projects and responsibilities to fit in even more projects and responsibilities. Lastly, I've rekindled my love of 40k models and 40k fiction, yet I'm still not able to find enough time in my schedule to game on any regular basis.

With everything I've learned from this project I definitely need to make some changes in my life around my hobbies. The first change is to complete all of the projects I have half-started and the second is to actually get out there and play some of the games I have models for. At the start of this month I began planning out tournaments for the year that will help me finish off a number of the gaming projects I have sitting round the house and these are the tournaments I came up with:

Mar - Ausbowl State Champs in Melbourne (Blood Bowl)

Apr - NZ Wargaming Nationals in Christchurch (Dystopian Wars)

May - Capital Shield in Wellington (Blood Bowl)

Jun - Southcon in Dunedin (Blood Bowl)

Aug - Call to Arms in Wellington (Dystopian Wars - probably running this one)

Sep - Greenstone Cup in Auckland (Blood Bowl)

Nov - Conquest in Christchurch (Warhammer 40k), also maybe Mainland Bowl in Christchurch (Blood Bowl)

Based on this my focus for the year will be on finishing and expanding my 40k Adeptus Mechanicus and my Dystopian Wars Empire of the Blazing Sun. In between all that I'll be painting the new Orc Blood Bowl team I got for Christmas and finishing off my Halfling and Elf Blood Bowl teams.

Well that's my update for the week. Today is Super Bowl Monday so I'll be out of commission for a while as I recover from far too much beer and far too many buffalo wings. The one thing Super Bowl is good for though is getting me interested in Blood Bowl again, so check back next week for a Blood Bowl update and maybe some Super Bowl bloggings.


  1. Your army is looking good though. I've faced those vehicles before and they were kinda nasty to me at 50 power.

  2. Yeah Onagers are devastating to vehicles in the new rules. Apparently not so much to Harlequins or Heldrakes though as they just have to keep rolling 5+ to ignore the damage...and they do...constantly...not that I'm bitter...