Friday, 13 January 2017

New Year, new me...

Well not really, it's now the 13th and this is the first post I've managed to find time for so trends seem to be merrily carrying on as if nothing has changed. And nothing really has, life continues to be busy and finding time to fit everything in continues to be difficult. That being said I have actually got drafts down for two blog posts so I have managed to find some time for blogging.

For this post though I just wanted to firstly wish everyone a Happy New Year! And secondly I just wanted to reminisce a little on the past year and set some goals for 2017.


When I look back at what I achieved with gaming over the past year it all seems very muddled. I played a lot of different games and didn't really progress with my painting much at all. I made a much stronger effort towards the later half of the year with the Tale of One Gamer posts (more to come on this later in the month) but for 2017 I'd like a stronger focus on completion of some painting projects. To me this means limiting the games I am playing so that I can focus on only a select few game systems. This will be based around the tournaments I am attending throughout the year so I'll get these finalised in the next month or so and set some painting goals around that.


I'm really sad about how little I've posted about my burger obsession last year. I actually tried a lot more burgers than I posted and some of them were incredible (others not so much), but by the time I got round to writing a post I couldn't remember anything about how they tasted other than the fact they were awesome (or terrible). Having learned a bit from this I actually started writing some tasting notes for burgers I tried over Christmas and this has helped a lot. This in addition to receiving a couple of burger cookbooks over the Christmas/New Year holiday means that hopefully burger posts will be a little more common in 2017.

Other Important Stuff

I've played around with book reviews, video game reviews, art exhibit reviews and anything related to Lego throughout the year. Some I feel have worked and some haven't. I'm not really sure what I want to specifically include and exclude in blog posts next year but I generally feel if it's not geek related I want to leave it out. We'll see what happens and try to learn further as 2017 progresses.

This year is set to be another crazy year for Sam and I and I'm a little worried about how this will affect my ability to post regularly. We'll see how things go but over the next month I have a number of photos and draft posts that need to be finished in relation to:

- Tale of One Gamer
- Warhammer On-Line
- Fergburger
- Blood Bowl
- Miscellaneous Dystopian and 40k photos

Anyway, in the meantime I need to get off to bed as we're off again on a trip tomorrow. This time up to Auckland for the weekend to check out an exhibit by Gottfried Lindauer. After we get back I hope to have some time to settle back in to some kind of regularity.

In the mean time thanks again for stopping in and all the best for the New Year. I'll get more posting done in a week or so.