Sunday, 22 January 2017

A Tale of One Gamer

I'm well overdue for an update on this. I've been working through models over the Christmas holidays but visits to relatives and then digging through the Christmas backlog once I returned to work has meant I have not got around to posting until now.

I have completed the Assassins much to my delight. I'm not 100% happy with the paint job but I'm looking forward to using them all in game. Here are the finished models.

The contrast of the bright green and the metallics against the darker colours has worked out as well as I hoped, it's the red hue on their bodysuits I'm not stoked about. I struggled with this for some time trying three different techniques but just couldn't get it to match the image in my mind. I envisioned an almost black suit with red highlights along the edge where the light hits it but everything I tried came out too bright. In order to dull it all down I tried a light drybrushing and glazing it with the GW Gloss wash but even a light drybrush on black stands out like nobody's business. I think given more time I could maybe reach what I was hoping to achieve but this project is about getting an army finished so in the end I just had to pick something and run with it.

With the Assassins behind me that brings me to month 5 and the last unit for this project. According to the original plan I get to pick something of my choosing and as such I have decided to put together some much needed anti-Marine firepower in the form of a unit of Kataphron Destroyers.

So far I've got all the prepping and sub-assemblies done and am finishing off the metals. With the time I lost over Christmas it's going to be a close call to get these finished in time, I'm just hoping that with all the metal on them the paint job will be relatively easy. Time will tell I suppose.

Thanks for stopping in, more posts soon as I sort through all my photos and updates from over the holidays.

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