Sunday, 18 September 2016

A Tale of One Gamer...

Well it's been over a week since I started the Tale of One Gamer challenge and we do have some progress...some...

I've spent most of the last week and a half assembling models for my first Ranger unit and my first Onager Dunecrawler. I'm one of those pedantic types who doesn't like to glue all the parts together until I have some basic colour in all those difficult to reach places. This means getting base coats on all the parts before gluing them. It's time-consuming but I have a bit of OCD around knowing there are unpainted parts in the little areas a brush can't reach. Anyway this is how far I am with the Rangers:

It's behind where I might have hoped to be and as such I better hold true on the punishment I set for myself should I fail. After putting the idea to the 40k Facebook group the best idea that came back was to sell off some of the geek possessions I hold dear. The suggestion was to sell off Lego but I don't have enough Lego should I fail every month so I have had to add in a few other things. So numbered from 1 to 5 are the items I will have to sell if I fail a month. If I fail I need to sell the item at the top of the list, and if I succeed for a month I can effectively strike off an item from the bottom of the list knowing that I will be able to keep it. They are:

1 - Star Wars Black Series Figures

2 - Lego Dimensions

3 - Space Hulk

4 - Lego Falling Water
5 - Lego Eco1

So there's the commitment and the plan. The onus is on me now to get these models finished in time. Speaking of which I best get back to painting. Thanks for stopping in for a read and check back later throughout the week for a few more short updates.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Book Review - Macragge's Honour

It's a graphic novel! The Horus Heresy's first and only graphic novel to date, and I think I might know why. Read on for my entirely unbiased point of view on this unique literary endeavour.

Macragge's Honour: Dan Abnett & Neil Roberts

Macragge's honour takes place directly after Betrayal at Calth. As Kor Phaeron is defeated he flees to his battle-barge; the Infidus Imperator, and attempts to escape into the warp. Guilliman orders the battleship Macragge's Honour to pursue and destroy the Infidus Imperator, this book follows the pursuit and resulting battle.

The storyline for Macragge's Honour has all the depth of an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie but then again a graphic novel seldom has the room to develop a complex and absorbing storyline as most of the writing room is taken up with pictures. However, even taking this into account I would not rate the storyline of Macragge's Honour highly even by graphic novel standard. Characters are introduced only to be killed a few pages later without any time to empathise or relate to them and hard fought battles are quickly overturned by characters wiggling their fingers and using their crafty magiks to defeat entire armies. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh but it really didn't do much for me. The whole book seemed rushed and far too focused on action, action, action and not enough on story development. However despite all of that I was totally blown away by Neil Roberts' artwork. Not that I'm an expert in such things but the illustrations appear to be computer rendered and seem to be based around a monochromatic background using various spot colours for contrast (usually Marine armour) with a lot of washout from extreme lighting effects. This at least made the book worth a look in.

So overall clearly not a book I would recommend but I do still pull it out of the bookshelf from time to time so I can look at the pretty pictures. In this way I don't feel like my money was completely wasted.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

A Tale of One Lonely Gamer...

White Dwarf is back! Back to a monthly release that is, and it's packed full of interesting and varied articles again which I'm really excited about. It's almost a throw back to the White Dwarfs of the 90s with all the great battle reports, ad-hoc rules to add to your games and plenty of other fascinating tid-bits. It's given me a real sense of nostalgia and also an optimistic hope that Geedub are starting to acknowledge some of the marketing mistakes they have made in the past and are looking to correct them.

Now at first glance this may seem completely unrelated to the title of this post, however the more astute of you (or just plain old, let's be honest) will recognise the title as a reference to the 'Tale of Four Gamers' articles White Dwarf used to run from time to time. These articles have always been a favourite for most readers so it's probably no surprise that they decided to begin another series of these starting in their 1st issue of the 'new' monthly release White Dwarfs. If you've never heard of a Tale of Four Gamers and don't know what it is then I truly pity you, but for your sake I shall briefly elaborate on the concept.

A Tale of Four Gamers follows four gamers *shock* as they build, paint and game with a new army. There are usually rules about how they are to develop this army over a period of time and these rules have differed from one tale to the next. However the rules usually include something to define how many models they will have painted and what kind of games they need to have played by the end of each month.

In this most recent version the gamers are collecting Age of Sigmar armies and are required to paint a Start Collecting! box in the first month, then a unit of infantry in the second month, a monster in the third, a mighty hero in the fourth and something of their choice in the fifth month. Although it doesn't mention it in the article it's usually expected that they will get at least one game in over the month and report back on how they went.

So what's the point of all this? Well I thought this would be a great excuse to start my own Tale of Gamer. Ok it's not quite the same I know but I really can't be arsed finding three other people to do this with me. So I figured I'd just go it alone and use the articles in White Dwarf to try and keep myself motivated.

So what's the plan then? What mighty fantasy army am I to build and paint? None actually, I figured I would instead paint my 40k Adeptus Mechanicus which has been sitting on a shelf for far too long. I don't think it's a big stretch to convert over the same principles, by my assessment it should be:

Month 1 - Start Collecting! Box
Month 2 - Unit of Infantry
Month 3 - Vehicle
Month 4 - A Mighty Hero (ok this one I'm not sure about)
Month 5 - Something of my choice

Alright so that's my plan, now I have to actually put in the time to make it happen which is always the hard part. However I have an idea for that as well. I figure if I publicly commit to this schedule and come up with some kind of punishment for failing I will be more likely to get it done. I have no idea what the punishment will be yet but I'm part of a close-knit Facebook community for 40k who I'm sure will have no trouble coming up with a good concept.

So that's me, I'll get another post up in due course with progress and the decided punishment if I fail. In the meantime I better break out the glue and paints...

September Goal!