Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Total War Update

I can't believe I've completely forgotten to post about how I am doing in Total War: Warhammer!

Well needless to say I've completed it with Thorgrim Grudgebearer. It was a lot of fun and Dwarfs were definitely a good army to begin playing with as they're very forgiving. I aimed for the Long Campaign Victory rather than just leave it after reaching the Short Campaign Victory. It got a little tedious towards the end where I was just razing Chaos and Vampire cities while I tried to get the last couple of Dwarf cities I needed. Because of all my trespassing to reach these cities I also ended up razing most of the Empire and Brettonia as well. Anyway despite the slow grind to the finish it was great fun with lots of magic little moments throughout. For example it was immensely fulfilling seeing Archaon go down from a cannon ball to the face....

...and soon after that with Sigvald being the last Chaos lord left alive, he came charging at me...

...before suffering much the same fate.

Anyway this was my territory (in blue) by the end of the Campaign:

I was hoping to totally wipe out all the evil nations, I did manage to kill off all the Orc and Vampire nations but for Chaos the Bjornlings eluded me due to a glitch. They have one army in the deep South that gets stuck just beyond the map and can't be attacked. Apparently the glitch can sometimes fix itself and the army will eventually move onto the map, but I got sick of waiting so I just finished the Long Campaign and called it a day.

At the end the Dwarfs were in control of the Badlands, the Black Mountains, the Grey Mountains and the World's Edge Mountains. I think we can safely say that the Old World now belongs to the mighty men of midgetness. There are some human remnants in the Empire, Border Princes and Estalia but they're not a threat to Thorgrim's mighty kingdom!

So once that was done I left the game alone for a time. That is until the White Dwarf released some free downloadable content in the form of Grombrindal as a Legendary Lord playable character. This ignited my passion for the game again and I soon found myself re-conquering the Badlands. This time however in the name of the great White Dwarf himself; Grombrindal!

It's a bit boring going back through with the same race so I decided at least to try the diplomatic route rather than the expansionist route this time round. I'm finding it a lot of fun to concentrate on only two provinces while I use diplomacy with the other Dwarf nations to try and keep the enemy from my doors. Grombrindal is a lot of fun with some great new skills like Flash Bomb, and the ability to pick a Living Ancestor ability for a period where he can improve combat abilities or recruitment abilities or improve the public order and corruption within the province he is standing.

So that's Total War: Warhammer pretty much done for me. Total War games are always great games to come back to from time to time and because of that I know I'll be revisiting it quite often over the coming years using Grombrindal or even another race. In the interim though I've got plenty of other games I'd like to finish off and even one that's risen from the grave over the past year...

I'll save that story for another time though...

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