Friday, 9 December 2016

A Tale of One Gamer...

Sorry about the delay with this post but finally here we are with some finished pics of the Onager Dunecrawler. There are still a couple of small tidy ups that need to be done; I'm not happy with how the snow came up and I would still like to add some transfers and do some weathering, but given I haven't decided exactly how I want to do this yet I'm going to leave it till the whole army is finished and then do it all at once.

Anyway without further adieu here it is:

I'm really happy with how it turned out. For a long time I couldn't get the red how I wanted it to look until I tried going back to a technique I have avoided for years; drybrushing. My main concern with drybrushing is that it can make the painting surface rough and create quite an ugly finish. However I focused on keeping the brush just a little damp and this managed to keep the surface quite smooth while creating a developing gradient of colour to build the shadows and highlights. A little more edge highlighting after the drybrushing was done and I was stoked with how the colour came up.

Because of the time I took in figuring this out it did mean I ran a bit over time. However I've been doing a bit of decluttering lately and had already decided to sell off my Star Wars Black Series figures so the punishment for failing was already being enacted. This is probably why I wasn't particularly motivated to make sure the model was finished on time but I'm glad I did spend the extra time on it to get it right.

Seeing as I knew I was going to miss the due date I figured I have some spare time to play around a bit with the basing. I've had all sorts of interesting odds and ends in my bits box for a long time that, for whatever reason, I have just not used in basing past models. For this one I found an old GW resin landmine and an old plastic Jerry Can from some WWII tank kit.

I kept the colours quite dull as I didn't want them to distract from the model, I just figured on a base this big there really needed to be something a little more than rocks and snow.

So that's the Dunecrawler sorted, what's next in the Tale of One Gamer painting challenge? Well according to the White Dwarf I'm supposed to paint a "Mighty Hero" this month. Only problem I have is that the Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus have only one HQ option between both armies and I have no great desire to paint up a second Tech Priest for the army. Fortunately however I stumbled across and interesting alternative.

I have a tin with a few half started projects in it that I'm intending to get round to finishing once I've got this army painted. One of the projects in that tin is the Imperial Assassins I got from the Execution Force game back in November last year.

I figured these guys can be considered 'Mighty Heroes' of the Imperium and I can quite happily ally them in with my army. So this is my December challenge; to get my four assassins painted.

So far I've got the metal all painted and drybushed. I'm just now starting on the webbing and stealthsuit. Given how much black and metal there is in the models I'm going to highlight the stealthsuit with red to try and tie it in the the rest of the army. I'm moderately happy with how it's turning out though it's hard to see exactly how it's going to look like until the model is finished. So for now I'm keeping faith that it will turn out ok. Here's the Evesor who I'm working on at the moment.

Ok that's my Tale of One Gamer update for another week or two. Check back in after the weekend and I'll try to have another shorter post up about something other than this project. In the mean time just remember that it's not really Christmas until you see Hans Gruber being thrown off the top of the Nakatomi Plaza...

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