Tuesday, 22 November 2016

A Tale of One Gamer...

Another week gone by and I've made some further progress on the Dunecrawler. All the base coating is done and I have begun highlighting the metal on the legs. You can see the difference between the front and right leg compared to the back and left.

There's still a lot to be finished and I'm a little concerned about the amount of time I have left. Unfortunately there wasn't much painting done over the last week as Sam and I had an engagement party, which meant a lot of organisation and a lot of friends visiting and hence hosting of said friends. It did mean we got to get out and enjoyed Wellington a bit more over a long sunny weekend. We also dropped into the Sunday harbourside market and I picked up a Kransky Langos with cheese.

Alright so it's not a burger, but these things are a-ma-zing! Deep fried bread with deep fried kransky all covered in cheese. You can feel your heart slowly stop beating with each bite. They are made by Tom's Chimney Cakes and they have a food truck that travels around the Wellington area. Check out their Facebook page to see if they park up near you and grab yourself some deep fried goodness. You won't regret it :)

Alright that's me for another post, I better get stuck into painting again. I'll leave you with an image of cuteness for the evening. Sam took Van down to David Jones over the weekend for his first photo with Santa. I'll admit, it's a bit strange taking a dog to see Santa, but no less cute for being so.

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