Tuesday, 15 November 2016

A Tale of One Gamer...

Another week and some more progress, though still behind unfortunately. I've been throwing some time at the Dunecrawler when I have it to spare and I've managed to catch up a little bit on where I'm supposed to be. The model is glued into it's separate parts ready for base coating and I have managed to get the base coat on the legs as below.

I've got a bit of time at the moment as work is closed off for a day or two. For the benefit of anyone outside of New Zealand we recently had a few more big shakes. The Wellington CBD took a good hit from this one and has been shut down while engineers get around and inspect all the buildings, one of which is the building I work in. So in between helping people with clean up here and there I'm at home doing painting while I wait to get back into work.

I have also managed to get in a bit of gaming over the last month. I organised a 1000 point game with Bryn last Saturday and when I was working through the photos I found some more related to a smaller game I played with Mark several weeks before that. The games didn't go too well for me but it's certainly helping me figure out the myriad of crazy rules these guys use. Here's a brief rundown of both the games:

Mark and I played 500 points and the game was technically unbound in that we just brought whatever models we felt like. I had 1 unit of Rangers with Arquebuses, 1 unit of Vanguard with Plasma Calivers and a Tech Priest Dominus. Mark had a unit of Fire Warriors, a Devilfish, a Sun Shark Bomber (represented by the Stormtalon), a unit of Stealth Suits and a boss in a Crisis Suit.


Sneaky Rangers...

Dirty Tau!

Mark advances; the Fire Warriors blaze away at me while the Bomber poops on me.

On the other flank the Stealth Suits try to shoot me in the back before the Tech Priest jumps in there and takes them apart.

Admittedly I was confused about what to do and how to use my army. I set the Rangers back and tried to whittle down the Fire Warriors at range. With the same range and better fire power however I was fighting an uphill battle. The Vanguard ended up taking on the Bomber on the left flank while they crept up on the Fire Warriors from behind the bunkers. They did OK in that they managed to knock a couple of hull points off the Bomber and they cleaned up what was left of the Fire Warriors but I'm so used to playing Space Marines that I forget how fragile Toughness 3 and a 4+ save is. They in turn got cleaned up by the Crisis Suit and Devilfish.

By the end of the game I had done some damage to Mark's army but I had no units left to claim objectives with. Mark grabbed 3 of the 4 objectives and with other secondary objectives he ended up winning by something like 9-3.

The game with Bryn didn't fare much better. Bryn and I played 1000 points, Bryn brought Marines with two White Scars Attack Bike squads and a normal Bike squad led by a Librarian. He also had a small Dev squad with 4 Lascannons, a Thunderfire Cannon, 2 Scout Land Speeders with 5 Scouts in each and a second Librarian. I had two Vanguard squads; one with Plasma and one with Arc Rifles, a small unit of Rangers with 2 Arquebuses, a Tech Priest, 3 Kataphron Destroyers and 2 Onager Dunecrawlers with Neutron Lasers.

Turn 2 - So far I have managed to kill one Attack Bike and a couple of Devastators.

Attack Bikes in combat and re-rollable cover saves meant I wasn't doing much damage.

My Onagers managed about three kills the whole game I think.

Finally got my Kataphron Destroyers in range. Managed one round of shooting before they were gone.

At the end of turn 5 I had been tabled and I had managed only to destroy the Bike squad, a unit of Scouts and their Speeder. I at least managed to figure out some of my flaws from this game which I can hopefully implement to better effect in the next game. It doesn't feel like you get a lot for your points with Ad Mech as they are so frail they disappear very quickly, but I've picked up a few ideas about how I can work the army better next time so we'll just keep throwing mud at the wall and hope something sticks.

In the meantime I've got more painting to do so I better get back into it. Thanks for stopping in for a read and check back again later for more news on the Ad Mech...hopefully better news this time.

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