Monday, 24 October 2016

A Tale of One Gamer...

Well overdue for this one but I didn't want to post again until I had all the models glued together for a photo. In what little time I've had available I have kept myself busy on the Vanguard. I snapped a shot of all the models glued together with the exception of the Alpha. I got the Alpha all painted ready to glue then once I started gluing his arms on I realised I really didn't like the pose it created. So I've decided to find a new pair of arms for him that creates a pose I'm happier with. I also realised after gluing most of the backpacks on that it would be more sensible to have the backpacks off while highlighting the great coats. So with those few exceptions here are the Vanguard fully assembled.

The one at the back right is actually finished for the most part while the rest still have the detailing, highlights and touch-ups to do. I think I'm still a bit behind but I'm pretty sure I will get them all done by the end of the month.

That's all for this post, nice and quick so I can spend more time on painting. I should have an update by next weekend if not by the end of the month. Until then...

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