Monday, 3 October 2016

A Tale of One Gamer...

Hmmmm, ok, I said I would post a few more short updates after my last post and here we are two weeks later just getting round to writing again. Well the reason for that is painting; lots and lots and way too much painting. The past fortnight has been a flurry of brushes and greenstuff and grey plastic to try and get the Adeptus Mechanicus starter box finished by the end of September.

I have managed to get all the models painted but I am far from being happy with them. Once I've finished the whole process I'll come back to them and do some touch ups, or in same cases complete re-work. Despite my frustrations though I am very happy with what I have learned over the past month. Early on I knew I would need to make some compromises in my usually slow and precise painting style to get these models finished within the required time-frame. This forms part of my overall desire to reduce the number of unpainted models I have sitting in boxes, and in order to get these models completed I know I am going to have to change as a painter and modeller. So out of this experience came some useful knowledge I can apply towards this 'quicker painting' goal; I have found a very simple way of painting metal that I am happy with, and with the purchase of a mouldline remover and some liquid greenstuff I am becoming much quicker at prepping models. I've also learned a lot more about planning the construction and painting of my models; in this  situation I started with the Ranger squad and the sub-assembly of these guys took so long (about two weeks) that the painting of the Onager and Tech-Priest had to be extremely rushed. For the next month I only need to paint one infantry unit so I will have a lot more time to create a finish I will be far happier with, however, I also know that if I don't diligently get the sub-assembly completed by week two I won't have enough time to finish the models to the level I would like.

So while I've not produced a result I'm overly happy about the whole process has helped prepare me better for the next step in the process.

Alrighty, as much as I'd rather not post up pictures I thought I should probably still get something up here to at least prove I got the models painted to a tabletop standard. I'll throw out a couple of caveats, the first is that I haven't got any photography gear set up for decent photos yet so I had to try and improvise with a couple of lamps and my iPhone. The second is that, given I started a week late on this, I have given myself a little breathing room in that the bases aren't finished. Maybe not technically completed you could argue but painting a full Start Collecting! box in a month is a pretty big ask let alone three weeks so I'm not too worried about the bases for now. Anyways enough talking, here they are:

That's all for now as I need to get back to painting. The goal for October according to the rules is a unit of infantry so I've started gluing together some Vanguard to support the Rangers. I'll get an update posted next weekend about how far I have progressed. In the meantime...

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