Sunday, 11 September 2016

Book Review - Macragge's Honour

It's a graphic novel! The Horus Heresy's first and only graphic novel to date, and I think I might know why. Read on for my entirely unbiased point of view on this unique literary endeavour.

Macragge's Honour: Dan Abnett & Neil Roberts

Macragge's honour takes place directly after Betrayal at Calth. As Kor Phaeron is defeated he flees to his battle-barge; the Infidus Imperator, and attempts to escape into the warp. Guilliman orders the battleship Macragge's Honour to pursue and destroy the Infidus Imperator, this book follows the pursuit and resulting battle.

The storyline for Macragge's Honour has all the depth of an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie but then again a graphic novel seldom has the room to develop a complex and absorbing storyline as most of the writing room is taken up with pictures. However, even taking this into account I would not rate the storyline of Macragge's Honour highly even by graphic novel standard. Characters are introduced only to be killed a few pages later without any time to empathise or relate to them and hard fought battles are quickly overturned by characters wiggling their fingers and using their crafty magiks to defeat entire armies. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh but it really didn't do much for me. The whole book seemed rushed and far too focused on action, action, action and not enough on story development. However despite all of that I was totally blown away by Neil Roberts' artwork. Not that I'm an expert in such things but the illustrations appear to be computer rendered and seem to be based around a monochromatic background using various spot colours for contrast (usually Marine armour) with a lot of washout from extreme lighting effects. This at least made the book worth a look in.

So overall clearly not a book I would recommend but I do still pull it out of the bookshelf from time to time so I can look at the pretty pictures. In this way I don't feel like my money was completely wasted.

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