Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Back On-Line!

Sam and I are settled into our new house and after a few hiccups we finally have access to the worldwide interwebs again! There's been a whole lot happening over the past few weeks which has made it a little difficult to find the time to post to this blog, however I've managed to sort through a few photos of a recent wargaming tournament here in Wellington called Call to Arms and found the time to post a quick recap.

Over the 6th and 7th August the Wellington Warlords wargaming club held their annual tournament/convention/whateveronepreferstocallthesethingsthesedays at St Patricks school hall in Kilburnie, Wellington. Several months previous to that the idea of running a Dystopian event at Call to Arms was floated by a couple of us locals, and knowing that someone would need to put their hand up to run it I volunteered. I asked the Southern Dystopian players I met at Natcon if they would be keen to make the trip up for the event and the response was pretty positive so away we went with the first Call to Arms Dystopian event.

All up we had 8 players, only one of which was from Wellington, so an awesome turnout from the out-of-towners especially considering 6 of the 8 came from the South Island. The nations represented were:

Ian - League of Italian States
Callumn - Empire of the Blazing Sun
Jeremy - Prussian Empire
Alex - Republique of France
Sassmo - East India Merchant Company
Peter - Covenant of Antarctica
David - Ottoman Separatists
Phillip - Federated States of America/Royal Australian Alliance

It was a lot of fun to run the event mainly due to the participants being such good peeps. Everyone took the gaming in a relaxed spirit and were well-mannered and civilised in finishing games on time. Gratefully Ian had brought up some prize support and with what I had also ordered from Spartan we were able to give everyone a little something to take home. However the following achieved magnanimous recognition and took home awards of awesomeness:

Best General - Jeremy
Best Sports - Ian
Best Painted - Peter
Best Overall - Jeremy

The overall results after 5 games were as follows:

I managed to snap a few photos between the admin responsibilities. The general level of painting was great from all who turned up and the general sportsmanship and awesomeness of all the players made it a really enjoyable weekend...well for me at least anyway  :)

Alright that's post number 1 of the minimum 2 I promised for August. I still have all the photos from the Lego exhibition to sort through, and Sam and I have also found a local pub that does 2 for 1 burger night so we'll check that out and get a review up here at some point. Until then thanks again for reading.

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