Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Ausbowl Team Champs 2016

Another weekend gone and another gaming event down. This one's been on the horizon for a while yet I've been so busy I haven't had time to prepare for it at all. As you can probably tell from the title the event was the Ausbowl Team Championships. This tournament is held every second year in the alternating years between the State Champs. The last one was in Melbourne where myself and two others took an all stunty team...don't ask me why...

Anyway this year the suggestion was made that we once again collate a team of stunties and descend upon Christchurch for the first Ausbowl Team Champs held in New Zealand. We shuffled the teams around this year; Tim decided to take the Halflings, Gil took the Ogres and I played the Goblins. Despite us still calling ourselves the Mainland Midgets Gil is the only remaining member to still live on the Mainland. I've moved up to Wellington and Tim now lives in Waikato so we're now both dirty Northerners. None the less we still felt we conveyed the spirit of the Mainland Midgets; that being drunken petulance and the ability to simply not give a shit, so with that in mind we kept the team title.

The format for this tournament was 1,100,000gp for your team with a number of free skills dependent on the NAF rankings of your race.

After game 3 all teams get another 2 'single' skills and 1 'double' skill. In addition all teams get 70gp of skills or stat increases to make their team's Star Player. This was my Goblin team; the South Bay Bawlers:

- 2 Trolls
- Looney
- Pogoer
- 9 Goblins
- Fungus the Loon
- 3 Re-Rolls
- 3 Bribes

For my Star Player I made Bobo the Pogoer; he was a Goblin Pogoer with +1AG and Block. In addition I picked Block on one of the Trolls, two Catch Goblins and two Side Step Goblins for my starting skills. Then after game 3 I took Block on the second Troll and Side Step on two more Goblins. Here is how my games worked out:

Game 1 - Peter - Furry Lizardmen

Peter was part of Team SLOBB ACT who eventually won the tournament. He was playing Lizardmen with a bit of Block and Break Tackle. He had the stock standard 6 Saurus and supporting Krox with a smattering of Skinks to make up the numbers. From memory he had only two Re-Rolls, which, with the limited number of skills Lizardmen could start with, were the only weaknesses I hoped I might be able to capitalise on. The lack of skills and Re-Rolls did turn out to be a benefit as I was able to tie up his Saurus' with Goblins while I blitzed his Skinks with my Pogoer and friends. A few lucky rolls and I managed to get some space and a turnover to win the game 2-1.

Final Score: 2-1 (1-2)

Game 2 - Liam - Skaven

This was the most bizarre game I played in the tournament. Liam's Gutter Runners completely failed in the first half rolling a string of 1's. However I couldn't get them off the pitch permanently and they came back with a vengeance in the second half. I had scored at the end of the first half before the Skaven made a strong come back to score twice in the second so in the end I had 1 turn to try and equalise with a thrown Goblin and no Re-Rolls. I lined my guys up at centre field and waited for the kick. The ball landed in a reachable position and after a pick up and a couple of Go For Its Bobo managed to get the ball to a Goblin ready to be thrown. Trogdor the Troll picked up the Goblin and stared at him momentarily pondering whether or not he should eat him. Thankfully he chose to throw the Goblin and sent him flailing downfield. The Goblin was going to fall within reach of the endzone but he still needed to land. It came down to one more dice roll needing a 4 or higher. I bounced the dice down the field and waited for it to lie flat...

5!!! The Goblin landed and the crowd cheered as the South Bay Bawlers tied the game with only a few minutes to go. Liam still had a chance to go ahead with one turn left as he could chain push a Gutter Runner off the line to score. However, the crowd weren't having it as the kick-off result was a pitch invasion and Liam could do nothing as the Goblin fans invaded the pitch and knocked down two of the pivotal players he needed to make the chain push work.

Final Score: 2-2 (3-0)

Game 3 - Geoff - Necromantic

Yep, you guessed it. I forgot to take photos again. Did you really expect anything else though? It's a real shame too because Geoff's Necros were a fantastically converted and painted team. He used the Mantic models and what looked like an airbrushing effect with some impact highlights to achieve a really cool finish.

Strangely this was the first time Geoff and I have played. We've chatted plenty of times at other New Zealand tournaments but for whatever reason we've never ended up playing each other. Despite this momentous event I unfortunately didn't write down too many notes because the game was so close that we were becoming completely immersed in it. This is probably also the reason I forgot to get some photos. Both Geoff and I were scrambling on defence and then after a few bullshit rolls would manage to get a turnover and we would be scrambling to get the ball clear. This went back and forth throughout the entire game until we eventually ran out of time and looked at the scoreboard...

Final Score: 1-1 (1-2)

Game 4 - Alex - Dwarfs


Anyway, game 4 was against a familiar face from my old gaming club back in Christchurch. I had played Alex once or twice in our Christchurch Blood Bowl League but both of us had been out of the game for a good while so we were a bit rusty. Seeing as this was game 4 we had our extra skills, so I had more Side Step and two Trolls now with Block while Alex had more Block...and Mighty Blow...oh and he had a Deathroller too...fuckit. Alex received for the first half and started grinding the crap out of me. Not in a friendly, arousing way either, more in a painful tea-bagging kind of way. I was losing Goblins and if I left things as they were I was just going to get smashed off the pitch, so I started trying to 1-die blitz his ball carrier with my Pogoer and friends. It had the desired effect in that it drew some attention away from squashing my Gobbos and with a lucky roll I even managed to get the ball loose and run away for a Touchdown. That meant that at least the Deathroller was off the pitch. Alex didn't seem to care though as he continued to kick the crap out of my team quite happily without it. I received in the second half and managed to get a quick Touchdown putting the game all but out of reach for the Dwarfs. Alex took comfort in beating my Goblins bloody while he jogged into the endzone before the final whistle for the consolation point.

Final Score: 2-1 (0-5)

Game 5 - Jono - Underworld

Oh dear...Jono is a really nice guy and he really didn't deserve this. The game actually started quite well with the first half being very close. Jono scored on turn 5 and I managed to draw even by turn 7 making for an exciting lead into the second half. Then something just happened with my dice and Jono's team fled to the injury bin. By turn 14 Jono had been pitch cleared. There was a slim chance Jono could get a 1 turn score so we set up and I gave him my red dice of awesome that had been sending his team off the pitch (actually he had been using them for about the last 3 turns) and he rolled for the pick up. It seems however that the red dice of awesome had used up all their awesomeness and were now only interested in rolling 1's and 2's. It was a totally one-sided game due to crazy dice but Jono was a fantastic sportsman about the whole thing and took it in really good humour.

Final Score: 2-1 (10-3)

Game 6 - Gary - Chaos Dwarfs

Noooooo, not more Dwarfs! This game ran almost exactly the same as my game with Alex. Gary's evil Dwarfs pounded me into the turf and forced me to make some risky blitzes against his ball carrier. I had some random dice in this game; for the life of me I could not make a good roll on the block dice and my Trolls went stupid about 50% of the time, however I did amazingly well with my dodge rolls which allowed me to create some opportunities by basing up his faster players. On the downside this also gave Gary a lot of block options which meant the casualties were mounting for my team. In the end Gary scored on turn 6 after receiving for the first half and when I received for the second some very poor block rolls left my cage dismantled and I was forced to score early. This gave Gary plenty of time to grind in for the 2-1 win unless I could pull a rabbit out of a hat. It's in times such as these that one turns to Bobo the Pogoer. It was Bobo's time to shine and shine he did. He sacked the ball carrier a couple of times, he got knocked down time and time again but refused to be carried off the pitch, he picked up the ball from multiple tackle zones and dodged and weaved and ran as Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblins desperately tried to tackle him. In the end with a lot of luck and a lot of Goblins crushed underfoot of the Dwarfs as they tried to screen Bobo's run to the line, Bobo scored on turn 15 to put the South Bay Bawlers up 2-1. We lined up for the final couple of turns and a last ditch effort by the Dwarfs to draw the game, but the Goblin kick was right in the back corner and the Dwarfs needed a Hail Mary pass to make the Touchdown. It was too much to ask of the plucky Dwarfs who had to be content with stomping on the last few Goblins remaining on the pitch.

Final Score: 2-1 (0-5)

All up that is a record of 4 Wins and 2 Draws which is my best ever performance at a Blood Bowl tournament, and I did it with Goblins! WTF!?!

Anyway it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed getting back into the teams format rather than individual play. I had an absolute blast with the Goblins, winning of course always makes things more fun but even despite that I found the play style of the team to be really amusing. They are a team that naturally lend themselves to risky play and when those plays work it is hilarious! In fact it's hilarious when they don't work as well.

Here are the final results from ATC both by team and by player:

So that's my second post for August, just in time no less. I have a big back-log of photos to work through and get posted up here so now that we're moved into the new house I hope to find the time to do so. I'm sure I can at least get two more posts up in September, maybe even three if the mood takes me. Right now though I just want to go to bed after writing that novel so as always thanks for reading and stop in again over the next few weeks for more updates.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Back On-Line!

Sam and I are settled into our new house and after a few hiccups we finally have access to the worldwide interwebs again! There's been a whole lot happening over the past few weeks which has made it a little difficult to find the time to post to this blog, however I've managed to sort through a few photos of a recent wargaming tournament here in Wellington called Call to Arms and found the time to post a quick recap.

Over the 6th and 7th August the Wellington Warlords wargaming club held their annual tournament/convention/whateveronepreferstocallthesethingsthesedays at St Patricks school hall in Kilburnie, Wellington. Several months previous to that the idea of running a Dystopian event at Call to Arms was floated by a couple of us locals, and knowing that someone would need to put their hand up to run it I volunteered. I asked the Southern Dystopian players I met at Natcon if they would be keen to make the trip up for the event and the response was pretty positive so away we went with the first Call to Arms Dystopian event.

All up we had 8 players, only one of which was from Wellington, so an awesome turnout from the out-of-towners especially considering 6 of the 8 came from the South Island. The nations represented were:

Ian - League of Italian States
Callumn - Empire of the Blazing Sun
Jeremy - Prussian Empire
Alex - Republique of France
Sassmo - East India Merchant Company
Peter - Covenant of Antarctica
David - Ottoman Separatists
Phillip - Federated States of America/Royal Australian Alliance

It was a lot of fun to run the event mainly due to the participants being such good peeps. Everyone took the gaming in a relaxed spirit and were well-mannered and civilised in finishing games on time. Gratefully Ian had brought up some prize support and with what I had also ordered from Spartan we were able to give everyone a little something to take home. However the following achieved magnanimous recognition and took home awards of awesomeness:

Best General - Jeremy
Best Sports - Ian
Best Painted - Peter
Best Overall - Jeremy

The overall results after 5 games were as follows:

I managed to snap a few photos between the admin responsibilities. The general level of painting was great from all who turned up and the general sportsmanship and awesomeness of all the players made it a really enjoyable weekend...well for me at least anyway  :)

Alright that's post number 1 of the minimum 2 I promised for August. I still have all the photos from the Lego exhibition to sort through, and Sam and I have also found a local pub that does 2 for 1 burger night so we'll check that out and get a review up here at some point. Until then thanks again for reading.