Sunday, 31 July 2016

Mustn't be late, mustn't be late, so much to do...

Well it's over a month since my last post and I'm feeling like this blog has been a bit neglected so I've put some time aside to get an update in. Truth be told life has become busy again (how the hell does this keep happening!?!) as Sam and I are approaching the settlement date on our new home and are preparing to move for the second time in just over a year. That being said I have made sure that the important things in life, such as wargaming and videogames, have taken priority. Here's a quick recap of what I've been up to over the last month.


I managed to get a couple of Warhammer 40k games in against Phil's Chaos using my still half-constructed Adeptus Mechanicus. The games were a lot of fun and helped me get my head around the army a bit more. I had some Kataphron Destroyers with Grav Cannons in this game which made dealing with Marines a whole lot easier than it was against Bryn the last time I played. Here's a brief batrep of our first game.

Deployment! My cunning plan was to run the Vanguard down the right flank, supported by my Onager, while using the Destroyers and Rangers on the left flank to obliterate anything that stepped into the open.

The opening moves of my cunning plan!

Onager's view of the oncoming Berzerkers.

My Tech-Priest and last remaining Destroyer going toe to toe with Phil's Librarian and his retinue.

The first game ended up with a win for the Ad Mech with the open ground not being too favourable for a combat oriented Chaos army. We shifted some terrain into the middle of the table for the second game and the outcome was much more nail-biting as the Marines got stuck into combat with my Skitarii and massacred them. Out of the two games however I think the highlight for me was seeing my Tech-Priest last the distance against a Chaos Marine Librarian and his lackeys. I was really surprised at how durable the Tech-Priest was and also at how much damage he can throw out.

8th Edition Fantasy

From one Geedub game to another, but this time to a game that is no longer supported. I've been going to a Tuesday night garage-gaming group since I moved up to Wellington and just recently they have begun a Blood in the Badlands campaign. If you're not sure what Blood in the Badlands is here's a brief synopsis. After setting up the campaign my first game ended up being against the Nurgle Ogre Kingdoms of Sassmo Baggins (not his real name). So we dug out our old Fantasy models and dusted off the rule book for a game of 8th Edition.

Sassmo deploys his Ogre horde while my Dwarfs huddle in the opposite corner.

Sassmo's Stonehorn and Tyrant charge me second turn and the fisticuffs begin.

The Mournfang cavalry (Nurgle Dragon Ogres) join the fray and the slaughter continues.

Sassmo's Gorger ambushes my artillery.

The Ironguts make it to combat in the last couple of turns and run down my Miners.

This was an incredibly close and fun game. When the game had reached it's end I believe I came out slightly ahead on points, but if the game had carried on for a couple more turns I'm pretty confident Sassmo would have just rolled me over. I had managed to defeat his Mournfang, Stonehorn and Tyrant, but his Ironguts and Gorger had run rampant through my line and I only had two very depleted units left to fight them. Had there been a fight between our remaining forces it would have been a pretty one-sided affair. Possibly the most hilarious outcome from this game however was that in the post-game campaign rolls both Sassmo and I managed to capture each other's generals. So now both of our armies are wandering around the campaign map leaderless.

Pokemon Go!

Yes that's right, I've been swept up in the Pokemon craze just like so many others. I originally had no interest in the game until one of my workmates convinced me to give it a go. Since then most of my time on the bus to and from work each morning is spent spinning Pokestops and catching Zubats. I'm definitely a weekend warrior kind of a Pokemon hunter; I'm only level 19 and my best Pokemon are only just inching above 1000 Combat Power, so when it comes to things like Gym battles I tend to be a spectator rather than a contributor, but I'm having a lot of fun with it and it's definitely led to a lot more social encounters with fellow Pokemon hunters.

A Pidgey on Sam's elbow while she was driving.

The only gym I have managed to take. I held it for less than a minute.

Warmachine Renaissance

A long time ago I started posting a bit of an army diary about building a Menoth force for Warmachine. Like so many of my projects I lost interest and it fell by the wayside. I rediscovered these guys recently when beginning to declutter before the move and thought I would get rid of them. However, I soon found out that not only are Warmachine models completely worthless on the 2nd hand market, I also found out that Privateer Press have recently updated their rule set to Mk III. In light of this the local Warmachine club is running a Journeyman League where you play a string of games over 6 weeks with progressively higher points values to inspire you to build and paint an army. I've got involved in this and have been really enjoying the games. Most of the games have been at the club but Phil and I managed to fit in a couple today.

In game one my proxy Menoth army cleansed Phil's unpainted army of their sins!

In game two Phil press-ganged my brainwashed zealots into submission  :(

Age of Sigmarines!

Speaking of Phil, earlier this month he suggested we have a game or two of Age of Sigmar and I keenly agreed. I haven't really played this much as I don't have any gamer friends who have shifted over to the new rule-set, so I'm stoked that I've now found someone who is also keen to explore the game.

We fished out some models and put a limit of 50 wounds on our armies. I brought my Dwarfs while Phil brought his Skaven. Much like the Warmachine game we went 1-1. However I only photographed the first game which I won 'cause I'm bias like that.

Dwarfs chaaaaaaaaarge!

Ironbreakers unite!

It may seem to the untrained eye that Phil and I have a lot of painting to do. I promise it's just the angle of the light.

Other Stuff

Lastly, Sam and I went up to Auckland this month to see the Cure concert. While up there I managed to tick a couple of things off my bucket list. One was to visit Better Burgers, and the other was to see the Ryan McNaught Lego exhibition. Both were fantastic but this post has become long enough so I will post up a review of each next month sometime.

Mmmmmmmmm, cheeseburger...


Oh, the concert was great also.  ;)

Well that's my post for the month. Our move date is 11th August so hopefully once we've settled in I will find time to get some more posting done in August. In fact I'll set a challenge for myself now and say that I will double my amount of posts for the month of August! Before you take off your shoes and socks, this means I will post two posts instead of one for the month. Hope you enjoyed reading, drop back in August to check out my two posts.