Friday, 24 June 2016

Book Review - Adeptus Mechanicus: Tech-Priest

Ok so I'm pretty late with this post. It's been sitting in draft form for a couple of weeks but I've just not found the time to finish it off. On the up-side I have managed to finish painting the Halflings for my Halfling Blood Bowl team which have been sitting in a not-quite-done stage for over a year now. I'll get a picture up of them another time, for now let's talk about books...

Adeptus Mechanicus: Tech-Priest - Rob Saunders
The book is set about half a year after the close of Skitarius and Tech-Priest Omnid Torquora is coordinating the siege of Velchanos Magna. The planet has fallen to the Iron Warriors and the Dark Mechanicum have now sided with the heretic marines. Torquora is fighting the Dark Mechanicum while Idriss Krendl, the Iron Warriors commander, keeps his elite troops in reserve for some unknown reason. Without giving too much of the story away, Torquora has developed a cunning plan to beat the Iron Warriors, but he needs time to put it into action. Of course time is exactly what the Iron Warriors are trying to deny him.

The book was a bit of a slow start with about the first 20% being a long-winded transcript trying to build the scene around Velchanos Magna. It felt like a J.R.R Tolkien dictation where everything was explained in excruciating and excessive detail. Once I got through that however things began to pick up with characters conversing and the story-line progressing. I think Rob did a good job of trying to portray the human nature of the Mechanicus and the balance they strike between the emotional side of humanity and the cold, logical side of the machine. In terms of the characters and the storyline though I really struggled to relate to it. Often it felt a bit like watching professional wrestling where the actors do really stupid things and, instead of questioning their actions, you realise you need to just flow with it in order to try and enjoy the show.

So all up not a Pulitzer prize winner but it was good to wrap up the series. I think there is one more book in this series but after reading this one I think I'm happy to leave the story here. :)

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