Saturday, 21 May 2016

What should I do with a quiet weekend?

Clearly that's the right answer.

With friends and family visiting so much over the past week Sam and I have found we've spent a bit too much money and need to tighten our belts a little...ok maybe a lot. But the point is that we agreed we would keep this weekend pretty quiet and not go spending lots on lunches or brunches or dinners or whatever. Thankfully Sassmo reminded me there was a club meeting this Saturday so I thought playing some toy soldiers would make for a cheap weekend.

We agreed to play some Mordheim so Sassmo drew up a Witch Hunters warband while I dug my Kislevites out of the cupboard. From memory Sassmo had a Captain, Priest, 2 Witch Hunters, 2 Flagellants, 3 Zealots and 2 Hounds. I had a Captain, Bear Tamer, Esaul, 2 Youths, 3 Warriors and 3 Streltsi (with bows, not handguns). We played a couple of scenarios; Occupy and Chance Encounter. Both ended up being bloody affairs with half a dozen dead between us. Sassmo lost his Priest after the first game and I lost one of my Youths. In addition my other Youth is now Stupid and has an Old Battle Wound due to the pummelling he took in both games. I snapped some photos from the first game we played and have posted them below. Please excuse the unpainted models, it was a spur of the moment thing.

The table setup, me to the left and Sassmo to the right. 

One of my Streltsi taking a shot at a Flagellant.

Warriors, the Bear Tamer, a Youth and a Streltsi stalking one of Sassmo's Witch Hunters.

And in turn being stalked by one of Sassmo's Hounds.

Sniper's view for one of Sassmo's Zealots.

Streltsi vs. Hound. The Hound won...

The inevitable showdown between bossmen.

Let's get it on!

The aftermath.

I lost a Warrior out of this game and one of my Youths went mad and now suffers from Stupidity. The game that followed was even more bloody as the same Youth suffered an Old Battle Wound while my second Youth didn't make it out alive. Thankfully I had cobbled together enough coin to replace some of my loses with 3 Cossacks. After 2 games this is how my warband looks:

They're getting a few skill ups which is good and I've had a Streltsi be promoted to a Hero which will be interesting. It was great fun to play some Mordheim again, I always enjoy this game and keep coming back to it every few months. Hopefully we can get a few more people involved and create some more variety in the warbands we play, but either way it's just good to get some games in again.

So that was my exciting weekend. I hope yours has been just as exhilarating, I know playing with Toy Soldiers is pretty hard to top but don't let that deter you. Until next post have fun and remember that, when sitting, it's always courteous to raise a cheek before you fart.

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