Tuesday, 3 May 2016

It's May already! WTF!?!

I can't believe we're up to May already! We're getting close to half way through the year and I'm still getting used to putting down '2016' whenever I have to sign and date a document. I swore I would never become one of these whining old people who always say "My my, where has the time gone" but here I am in absolute disbelief that we're through 4 months of the year already!

Anyway that's enough of that, lets get along to Bloggin'. I've got a couple of updates for this week, the first is that I've picked up Hagen's Astra Militarum army so I can play some bigger games of 40k as practice for Maelstrom IX.

I've also organised my first big game this Sunday against Thom, an ex-pat Cantabrian living up here in the capital. Thom plays Blood Angels and has a reputation as being a bit of a Drop Pod addict so I'm assuming I will get a brutal lesson in aggressive Drop Pod deployment.

I had a bit of a read of the Astra Militarum Codex but had to put the book down after the first few pages as it was giving me a migraine. These Guardsmen have a metric crap tonne of special rules, I have no idea how I'm going to remember them all. I guess I'll just need to try and remember that the intent of all of this is to re-learn how to play 40k, so every stuff-up is an opportunity to learn.
I'll snap some photos of the game and post them up here next week so you can see how I go.

Burger me!

Sam and I got the chance to try a new burger over the weekend at Cafe Medici in the quiet little village of Martinborough. It was actually the burger they designed for Wellington on a Plate and apparently it was a finalist which I thought was an outstanding achievement given they are a small village about an hour's drive away from Wellington. I figured it must have been pretty good to garnish enough votes to challenge the Wellington based burgers who would surely have an easier time of it with the voting population so close at hand. Putting this finalist to the test was a challenge I couldn't turn down, so I rather unsurprisingly picked the burger for my lunch. Here is Medici's description of it:


Lightly smoked Pirinoa Station lamb patty with whipped Kingsmeade goat's cheese and Pinot Noir jelly in a Clareville Bakery pretzel bun, with polenta chips.

I will say I was pretty impressed with this burger. The lamb was smoky goodness and the goats cheese was like a thick feta sauce oozing more goodness over the smoky lamb. The Pinot Noir jelly didn't really register as the other flavours were too strong but it was still amazing, and all wrapped up in a beautifully toasted pretzel bun. The only downside was that there wasn't a shit show of me being able to eat this with my hands. As soon as I took one bite out of it the burger just kind of exploded out the other end. Doesn't matter though, while I may not have looked pretty eating it, it still tasted just as awesome as it went down into my stomach.

P.S. Polenta fries are the business.

Ok that's another post done for me. Check back after the weekend when I'll have a brief batrep of my game with Thom. Hopefully I don't get so easily tabled this time...

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