Sunday, 24 April 2016

Bloggings for the week...includes Lego!

It's been a busy week with a bit of painting, a bit of gluing and a bit of gaming. I managed to get in my first game of 40k in a long, long time and in preparation for that I got the basics of my Mechanicus models glued together. I played Bryn who is also putting together a new army though he's much further progressed than I am. I snapped a couple of shots of the game but the light wasn't great so the images are a bit grainy.

The game did not go well for me as I learned the pain of facing down three Heavy Bolters on Attack Bikes with my Skitarii out in the open. Certainly the game was a lesson in target priority and what kind of firepower my army is currently lacking. Below is a shot of my Vanguard making their heroic last stand as Bryn's Attack Bikes gunned down the last of my army.

The game was a lot of fun despite the one-sidedness to it. Losses tend to help you figure out where your weaknesses are and where you can improve, so it's safe to say I figure out A LOT from this game.

In other news this happened over the weekend:

A mate of mine suggested we go check it out and of course being a big fan of Lego there was no question of whether or not we should go.

It was a pretty small display compared with the Christchurch Brick Shows I've been to previously and they were mostly stock standard out-of-the-box kits rather than unique displays. But they did have a few of my favourite models on show which I snapped some photos of:

Lastly I thought I would mention that I have signed myself up for Maelstrom 9 on 11th and 12th June as a way to focus myself on getting back into Warhammer 40,000. Maelstrom is a 40k event run by Hagen who I used to game with many years ago when we both lived in Christchurch. Hagen has kindly offered to lend me an army (as there's no way I'll get my models painted in time) so I'm going to pick the army up this week and start getting some more games in as practice. Expect to see a few more posts about 40k over the next month and a half as I try to get my head back into the game after an extremely long hiatus.

So that's my update for another week. As a closing note just remember that the age range on Lego boxes say 4-99, so as long as you're not 100 years or older you're never too old to play with Lego!

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