Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The road to Natcon 2016 - I finished another thing...

I'm a couple of days late to get these posted as time just seems to fly by now that I'm back at work but I did manage to get them finished by the weekend. I haven't progressed to anything else yet as I'm needing a bit of time to keep everything at work in check but we'll get stuck into something new by the start of February if not sooner. Anyway here are the finished Onryo Gyros:



They were relatively easy and peaceful models to paint as there are only really three colours on them and no decking, which I'm finding to be the most time consuming part of these models. I'm happy with how they are looking and I'm really enjoying how the army is coming together.

Nine and a bit weeks to go till Natcon...I suppose I should get around to booking my flights...

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