Sunday, 10 January 2016

The dusty, deserted road to Natcon 2016

Dusty and deserted because the models seem to be few and far between, but progress is progress. We are about 11ish weeks out from Natcon and things are on target to be completed. I'm not 100% sure what that target is as I haven't made an army list yet, but if I have my remaining unpainted Empire of the Blazing Sun models finished before Natcon that should mean I'm able to cobble together something.

Here's the Gyros with the brass and the red completed and the metal begun. I'm about halfway there and hoping to have them complete by next weekend.



I need to finish the metal and the windows and then go back and do all the touch ups. Not long now and there will be some air support for the Flying Carpet!

No progress on the Orks yet as I have been doing a bit of declutter round the house. Just to share some childish excitement this is what I have been working on:

This is the Black Seas Barracuda; Lego set 6285, released in 1989. When I was 8 years old this was all I ever wanted in life. I would have given my right arm for this Lego set (metaphorically of course) but alas it was not within my financial constraints at the time so I resigned myself to never building this most awesome of models. However a couple of years ago my girlfriend's brother paid a visit from the States and knowing my love for Lego he searched out all his old blocks including this set. He built it and then left it with me to take care of when he returned to the States. So after it's been sitting in a cupboard for so long I finally got around to dismantling, cleaning and rebuilding it. It's a great feeling to tick something off your bucket list after over 25 years.

Ah well another week and another update. At 11:30pm it's probably time I go to bed and prepare for going back to work tomorrow after my three week break *sigh*. I've got some non-wargame related photos I keep meaning to put up in small updates so I'll get onto that this week. Check back mid week for something which has nothing to do with Man Barbies.


  1. Good work on the dystopian wars. I should really *really* get some of mine done. Not sure I'll make Nat's though.

    Meanwhile remember the Pizza day is just around the corner.

  2. What is heard cannot be unheard :(

  3. oh...LOVE the ship man...DROOL...........

    1. I was as excited as a little kid at Christmas when he first showed me it. Couldn't believe I got a chance to build it after so long :)