Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Natcon 2016 - No turning back now

Flights are booked! Accommodation is...not yet organised, but that's ok! The point is that I am now on my way down to Dunedin this Easter no matter what. I've got a few more models left to paint but I'm pretty close to finished. I am in the midst of prepping 6 Kitsune Escorts for the February painting session. I took a photo of them but the light washed out all the detail of the bare white resin so instead of taking more photos I simply stole a photo from the interwebs.
After these I only have one more model to paint and the army will be finished. Finished at least until I buy some more models, which will probably happen in Dunedin.

Dystopian Wars aside I have been picking through my pile of half-started projects with the little amount of spare time I've had in the last week. I did originally want to get started on a 40k army for the New Year but in the end I looked at my pile of unfinished models and decided I need to finish what I have started rather than start something new.

So here's the pile of projects that I will be chipping away at with whatever spare time I have.

So that's my weekly update on toy soldiers. Things are still plodding along despite the reality of the 9 to 5 doing it's best to stall my progress. I'm confident I'll still get them all done in time and once they are the tournament beers will taste so much better. In the meantime my commitment is to put at least 30 minutes of painting per day into the half started projects for the remainder of the month. If you're curious on the progress check back after the weekend and I'll have another update posted.

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