Monday, 4 January 2016

Is it 2016 yet?

Wow it's the 4th of January already and I'm only just now updating my blog. I had a quick look through my blogger news feed and not surprisingly there is a ream of '2016 in review' posts. I was thinking of running through something similar but given you've likely read a dozen of these style of blog posts already I'll sidestep that and just give a quick update on projects at the moment.

The Flying Carpet is complete and and I am preparing for the next models to be painted. Here's the snapshots of the finished product:



I'm very happy with how it looks though frustrated that all the interesting detail is on the underside where it will never really be seen. Inspiration didn't strike for runway markings which I was keen to add, but in saying that I am much happier with how the runway looks now it has some more colour on it with the red fighter planes.

No rest for the wicked though as I must move upward and onward with the project. The next models to be pulled from the dusty draw of mystery models were two Onryo Class Support Gyros.

They've been cleaned and undercoated and are currently ready for their first base colours. I've still got some time off from work until the end of the week so I should be able to get all of the brass and the red completed in that time.

That's it for my Natcon update. In other news I've got a little too excited about GWs new 'Start Collecting!' boxed sets, specifically the Skitarii boxed set which I have foolishly purchased despite not really having the time to paint the models.

They're all models I ultimately will buy so I figured it would be best to buy them now at the more reasonable price of $145 through Mightyape rather than buy them all separately for somewhere closer to $250. I am admittedly becoming one of those people who is more and more disillusioned with the GW 'the sky is the limit!' pricing policy so this whole sales scheme came as a happy surprise to me. Lets hope it's a sign of things to come.

That being said I do like the 'New year, new army' slogan GW have come up with and I would love to give that a go. I was thinking that if I'm going to do this it's really going to have to be a quick and dirty, tabletop quality paint scheme as I don't have time for much else. I'd rather put some more more love and attention into the Skitarii so it won't be them but after a rummage around in the dusty draw of mystery models I found these guys:

The colour scheme for these Grots came out brighter than I was expecting; I was wanting a grittier brown-yellow rather than the bold yellow they are painted in. As such I got frustrated with them and they ended up at the bottom of a drawer and haven't seen the light of day since. I still have about 1000 points of Orks sitting there waiting for a coat of paint so I was thinking I might try some new quick and dirty painting techniques to see if I can slap together a 40k army fast.

For now though we'll just wait and see. Life is still pretty busy and the Dystopian Wars models for Natcon have to hold priority at this stage. If some spare time comes up though I'll make a start on the Orks and see where it leads.

That's all for another post. I hope you all had a really enjoyable Christmas and New Year and that any New Year's resolutions have at least lasted the first 4 days. I'll leave you with a final photo that will hopefully provide a little amusement. My obsessive Star Wars doll collecting that started with an errant Boxing Day purchase has continued and I have now progressed from 10 dolls to 19!

I'll admit it's a bit of a worry but as far as vices go it could be far worse :)


  1. Nice work on the flying carpet - you've just reminded me I have a Dystopian Wars fleet lol.

    And I for one am not much surprised by your Star Wars Doll collection...only that its not already complete? ;)

  2. I left it too late, some of them are quite hard to find now so I'm having to fish them out from Trade Me. I'll get there mate don't worry!