Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Egmont St Eatery burgers are back!

A few weeks ago Sam and I heard that Egmont St Eatery had put burgers back on their menu. After enjoying their entry for Burger Wellington so much we were hugely excited about this so we paid them another visit to put this new burger to the test.

There were actually two burgers on the menu when we got there; one a pork and fennel breakfast burger and the other an aged angus beef burger with jack cheese and pickles which is the one we got.

Unfortunately it didn't measure up to their Burger Wellington entry but it was still pretty good. The sauce, beef and pickles were the awesome part about the burger. The bun was not as good as their original but still ok.

I think the worst part was that their original burger set such a high standard it was always going to be difficult to measure up to. That being said it was still an outstanding burger and worth giving it a go. Next on the list is the pork and fennel breakfast burger!

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