Saturday, 26 December 2015

The Obligatory Boxing Day Natcon 2016 Update

I promised I would have an update on the Flying Carpet by Boxing Day so here it is. The Flying Carpet is still not finished unfortunately. I could blame innumerable different things but it is ultimately distraction and a lack of focus that has delayed my painting. In saying that the only tasks that remain are the fighters on the deck and then any touch-ups. Here's how it looks:



I'm happy with the model overall though I'm not sure about the deck. It looks a bit boring at the moment and a bit dirty with the black wash. I'm thinking I should paint some directional markings on there but I'm just not sure what at the moment. I'll give it some time and see if inspiration strikes.

I've set a broad target of one unit or large model every month for this project so I've still got a bit of time to get this one finished up but as of next month I will definitely be started on a new model so check back in the New Year. In the mean time I have to get back on Trade Me and started looking for the rest of the figures in this set:

Honestly it's not another distraction. I'm dedicated to getting this model finished...really I am!

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