Tuesday, 15 December 2015

In the dark future...or past...or something...

Just thought I'd put up a quick post to show my finished SIGMARINE!!!

Or rather Stormcast Eternal Liberator if you want the official name. Whatever you prefer to call him he's now ready to fight for the Emperor...er...Sigmar and protect the Imperium...er...Nine Realms from the evil forces of Chaos.

I'm not a fan of the shining gold armour Sigmarines at all so I wanted to try something different with this guy; I wanted him to be more dark and rustic. Based on the statue-like armour of the model I had this image of some kind of mythical warrior demi-god from Aegean Greece armoured in bronze plate from head to toe. I also wanted him to look rough and worn, like he'd been fighting in his armour for decades.

I've never really used verdigris wash before so I played around with that a little bit and I tried stippling on the edges of the leather to make it look cracked and damaged. I really struggled with what colour to use for the hammer and loin cloth scale mail, the traditionalist in me wanted it to be metal of some kind but I couldn't think of anything that would contrast well with the bronze. In the end a mate suggested I paint it a dirty jade colour and it worked out really well.

It was quite a lot of fun painting a model just for something different rather than working on an army project and I'm really happy with the result. Certainly a breath of fresh air like this can invigorate you to get back into production line painting if it feels a bit like the monotony is dragging you into a rut.

Speaking of which the Tenkei Sky Fortress, now known as the Flying Carpet according to my girlfriend, is progressing well. All the red and brass are done and I'm moving onto the detailing. I've got family visiting this weekend for the Christmas holidays so getting it finished by then is looking less and less likely but I won't be far off. I'll get some progress photos up this weekend either way. Until then...

FOR THE EMPEROR!!!...er...I mean Sigmar...

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