Sunday, 6 December 2015

Heading to Nationals 2016

For the first time in known history the New Zealand Wargaming National Convention is being held in Dunedin. I've mentioned previously that I'm going to have to reduce my event attendance in 2016 due simply to not having the money but given the inaugural nature of this event it was one I decided I had to attend.

If you're interested in details about the event you can check out the website here.

For myself I'll be playing in the Dystopian Wars. The only real reason behind this is that my wargaming friends from both Dunedin and Christchurch are also playing in this genre so it will be a good chance to catch up with a few familiar faces. Alternatively though it gives me the excuse to get stuck into finishing off some models that have, like so many others, been languishing in a cupboard for far too long.

I've finished and posted my first completed model already; a Hachiman Class Dreadnought.

Next in line for a coat of paint is the Tenkei Class Gyro Sky Fortress, more commonly known as the Flying Lilo. I believe this was one of the first models I bought after getting the Empire starter set so that would make it about...ohhhhh 5 years old. That should mean it's finally matured enough to break it out of it's blister I think.

I had intended to have the whole model painted bar the windows by the end of next week, but given that I'm already a bit behind schedule in that I haven't even started it, that target seems a little unrealistic right at the moment. So how about we say I'll have the Brass and the Red finished by the end of next week and then the whole model completed the week after.

That's about as ambitious as it gets for me  :)

Alright that's me for another week. I've started a blog post about Mordheim but I've been so distracted by the game I haven't got round to actually finishing it which is a bit embarrassing. For that reason I'll make a commitment to getting it finished by Wednesday this week so if you're curious at all about the game then check back in on Wednesday.

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