Thursday, 15 October 2015

Book Review in 300 Words or Less - Vulkan Lives

Still getting through them...what more can I say  :)

Horus Heresy: Vulkan Lives by Nick Kyme

I have a love/hate relationship with Salamanders novels. I used to have a Salamanders army so they always have a special place in my heart however I don't really like Nick Kyme as an author and he is responsible for all the Salamanders fiction. So with that in mind I approached this book with wary trepidation.

The story is set around two scenarios; The first revolves around Vulkan's imprisonment and subsequent torture by Konrad Kurze, the second is around the exploits of a group of Dropsite Massacre survivors trying to find a new purpose in their existence after the loss of their Primarchs.

Having your primary character trapped in a cell for an entire stroyline doesn't really set a great foundation for action or exhilaration, but I thought Kyme kept it interesting enough with the conflict of characters between Vulkan and Curze. The dialogue between them at least helps offer an insight into the role they played in the greater brotherhood of the Primarchs.

The story following the band of Dropsite veterans had moments that got me really excited. In the drawn out game of cat and mouse played between them and the pursuing Wordbearers we see the first Wordbearer character showing dissent with the change his Legion is undergoing. I thought this helped build a lot more humanity and realism into a Legion who, up until now, seemed a very one-dimensional substance. Unfortunately for me the ending for this sub-plot was extremely disappointing and left the whole thing a bit flat.

Overall I thought it was a worthwhile read being one of Kyme's better novels. Salamanders fans will definitely get something out of it and I think there's enough in there about the other dropsite legions to keep everyone else interested too.

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