Monday, 28 September 2015

The Road to Conquest 2015

When living in Christchurch one of the events I looked forward to every year was 'Conquest'. This is a wargaming event run annually around Labour weekend that brought gamers in from all over the South Island and even further North. It is the biggest gaming event in the South Island and brought together geek minds of all ilk for a weekend of beer, BBQs, gaming and general smack talk. It is a tournament where I can relay on being able to catch up with gaming friends I know I probably won't see at any other time in the year.

Sadly with the move up to Wellington and a new mortgage I will not be able to attend so many gaming events in the foreseeable future and Conquest is one of the events I may have to take off the calendar. However I wanted to make it to at least one last Conquest before I call 'time' on my favourite annual event so I have booked my tickets and sorted accommodation and I am heading down South to make sure I get one final hurrah!

There is also an ulterior motive to me attending this year; with Games Workshop cutting ties to the old style of Warhammer Fantasy the organisers of Conquest are also going to cease running this game system in their event so this is the last year we will see Warhammer Fantasy Battles as a game being played at Conquest. I figured this is the perfect way to say farewell to the old Fantasy I know and love.

So with that in mind I am setting out to paint as many Dwarfs as I can before October 31st. The goal this week is to get some colour on a unit of 30 Longbeards in the hope that I'll be able to finish them before the end of October. Given my rather poor track record of getting (or rather not getting) models finished in time for tournaments I'm trying to keep my goals somewhat reserved. So if I can get the steel colours and the fleshtones finished this week I'll be happy.

No picture updates yet as the models are only undercoated and a bit boring but check back early next week and I'll post some up. In the meantime here is a picture of some awesome dwarfs...

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