Sunday, 2 August 2015

A death in the family.

It is with a very heavy heart that I must announce the passing of Noggin, son of Scroggin. In our Mordheim game last Tuesday Noggin was killed by an arrow from a Protectorate Marksman. In the below picture we can see Noggin towards the bottom of the screen sheparding a piece of mean behind an outhouse protected to her front by Krakpot with Guppy circling the other side of the outhouse.

All three moved behind the outhouse to wait for the oncoming Protectorate warband members so that my Thunderers in the buildng to the right could soften them up before I charged out. However in the building at the top centre of the picture you can just make out a Marksman in the top right window. Spotting the top of Guppy's helmet behind the outhouse the Marksman took a shot and by pure fluke the shot richocheted off Guppy's helmet, around the corner of the outhouse and struck Noggin in the eye killing her instantly.

Unfortuately the woes of Noggin's Purple Peepil do not end there; during the scrap Gnutjob, Itzi and Bitzi snuck into the battle via some catacombs they had discovered and ended up on the Kislevite side of the battlefield.

Seeing an opportunity to grab some more cheese for the warband before sneaking back to the relative saftey of the Thunderer's covering fire they charged into the Kislevite's Bear Tamer hoping to knock him senseless and steal his cheese. The lads quickly found they had bitten off more than they could chew as the Bear Tamer finished all three of them off and left them for dead. Thankfully Bitzi will fully recover from his injuries and while Gnutjob will always be crippled from his chest wound he is at least alive. Itzi on the other hand was not so lucky and was found to be dead once Bitzi and Gnutjob regained consciousness. Bitzi has sworn vengence for his brother's death and Gnutjob has also taken up this oath swearing the Bear Tamer's death by his own axe.

So after four days of mourning the warband are reorganising themselves under the new leadership of Bjorg Bjorgsonsonsen and renaming themselves 'Noggin's Wrath'. They've taken a bit of a bruising from the last encounter but there were also some good results to come out of it. Losing Noggin opened a spot for a new hero and I fortunately rolled 'That lad's got talent' on my last Thunderer henchman (coincidence or ordained? be the judge) after which he gained 'Quickshot'. So I now have four shooty heros in my warband. The warband is down to 8 models which will likely bring some challenges in their next game but I'm hoping the machine gun crossbowers will be able to help resolve that. Here's how the warband looks after the post game rolls:

That's me for another week. Hopefully we will fit in another game of Mordheim on Tuesday night if enough people are free to play so pop back in to see how Noggin's Wrath exact their revenge.

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