Sunday, 19 July 2015

The week that was

Another week has passed me by leaving me wondering where the time has gone and what do I actually have to show for it. When I look back though I can see that I have got some stuff done here and there so I've written up a quick re-cap of the week:


Another game of Mordheim and I actually won this one! I got very lucky as I was about to be charged by a close combat monster of an Undead warband in turn three but I had caused just enough casualties with shooting to force his first bottle test and with a very unlucky roll he legged it before he could charge me. The rest of the game was spent trying to shoot the other two gangs as they scooped up all the Wyrdstone before my stubby little Dwarven legs could reach any. Ultimately the other two gangs involved (Kislevite and Protectorate of Sigmar) beat each other up and bottled out with the Wyrdstone they had rather than take on my untouched warband and risk losing some of the precious stone. So it was more a matter of me being too slow to reach any of the action that won me the game rather than any tactical genius but I'll take the win none-the-less.

I got a new phone this week so I snapped some pics of the game. As I've said previously the lighting is not great there so things might be a little difficult to see.

My warband run and hide behind a building away from the evil Undead coming to tear them to pieces. You can see the Undead on the far right of the picture.

After the Undead very fortunately scampered the Kislevites (bottom left) and the Protectorate (bottom right) duked it out while my stocky wee purple people (top of the picture) huffed and puffed their way across the tabletop to get involved.

In the end it was only the Protectorate and myself left. The Protectorate had gathered up a hoard of Wyrdstone but had also taken a few casualties in the process so instead of risking the loss of some Wyrdstone to me they decided to grab their winnings and fnckoffski.

After three games this is how my warband looks:

Another book finished!
Knocked off another Horus Heresy novel. I actually quite liked this one so will write a review over the coming weeks and get it posted.

Visited Games Workshop Store

I dropped into the local GW store to buy some 32mm bases for some Ork Nobs waiting to be painted. I entered the beginnings of an argument with the store manager about the potential death of Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition. He was arguing it's likely going to slowly die off now that Age of Sigmar is here, I was arguing it'll likely convert to another game format or have a community grow around it. Long story short I told him it's best we agree to disagree. I really do wonder sometimes why I go into that shop...


That's right, actual paint on models! Here's what I did:

I began painting my 'free-with-White-Dwarf' Sigmarine a few weeks ago when I got the mag. This week I finished off the dry-brushing on his armour. I don't like the shiny, gleaming, golden look so I'm trying to create a look that's a bit more worn and weathered. At the time I was watching some movie which had Aegean-Greek soldiers smacking the heck out of each other in bronze armour and worn, beaten leather and thought 'that's the kind of look I want'. Given their rather statuesque appearance I thought I would paint this guy as a sort of Bronze statue construct with worn leather trim. So far I quite like him though I'm stuck on the hammer and scale mail tabard as I don't feel bronze is the right colour for them. If you have any suggestions please comment below.

These guys may look a little familiar. I dug them out a few weeks ago in this post and have been chipping away at them when I have a few spare minutes. I've finished the bone which is probably the most time consuming part and can now get started on the detailing. I'm hoping to have them finished in a few more weeks.

What's happening over the coming week?

I'll get another book review up sometime this week but other than that things are going to be pretty busy over the next 7 days. Sam and I are still decluttering our house. We've just bought a new townhouse which is going to be built around March next year and being a townhouse that means smaller and less storage so the decluttering that began with moving has now been taken to a whole new level.

We've got friends visiting next weekend which means less time for painting and gaming but it also means going out for burgers! I will look far and wide to find a good burger to review over the coming weekend.

Not sure if anyone has downloaded 'Deathwatch - Tyranid Invasion'. It's a new game from GW (with help from Rodeo Games) for iOS which is based off the Warhammer Quest top down, dungeon explorer format. I downloaded it over the weekend and have been having a lot of fun with it. So much so that I reeeeeeeeeeally want to convert and paint a Deathwatch squad to go with my 40k armies...the ones that aren't themselves painted...ok maybe I should make a start on my Mechanicus first. Anyway I'll keep playing over the coming days and throw up a review sometime this week.

That's probably enough for now. If you have any advice about the paint scheme for my Sigmarine please leave a comment as I'd love to get your 2 cents. Thanks very much for stopping in and having a read, I'll see you back here next week.

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