Thursday, 16 July 2015

Book review in 300 words or less - Angel Exterminatus

Now that I'm taking the bus to work I have had a lot more time to catch up on the dozens of novels sitting in my bookshelf waiting to be read. This started me thinking about how I might be able to do a review of the books I've been reading without having to write a novel in itself on this blog. Then I had this brilliant idea! A book review in 300 words or less!

In all honesty we have yet to decide whether or not this is a brilliant idea, it may in fact be a terrible idea, but I'm going to run with it none the less.

So for my first review I choose: The Horus Heresy: Angel Exterminatus by Graham McNeill

(yes this is actually how far behind I am in the Horus Heresy series)

The book runs a dual focus; it follows Fulgrim through to his apotheosis while simultaneously it focuses on Perturabo’s internal struggle with his betrayal in joining the rebellion. The scene is set on a journey to an Eldar Chrone world in the Eye of Terror where Fulgrim, Perturabo and other characters are guided by two Dark Eldar secretly following their own agenda.

I struggled a bit with the general plot and storyline mainly because Perturabo was portrayed several times as being rather naive for someone who is supposed to have a super-human mind. Fulgrim was represented as you would expect; deceitful and duplicitous. On the other hand I absolutely loved how the inner struggle of Perturabo’s character was portrayed. Until now he's always been the jealous Primarch prone to fits of childish rage because he believes the Emperor loves the other Primarchs more. In this book his betrayal is based more upon broken trust from discovering the Imperial Truth was a lie. But while he may have betrayed the Imperium he still upholds legion ideals and is having to resolve the internal struggle of maintaining these ideals against their erosion within the other rebel legions as they fall deeper into Chaos. Perturabo's greatest dream is to build beautiful cities of peace and prosperity but knowing this dream is futile he resigns himself to play his part in the upcoming war and rebels more out of loyalty to Horus than any hatred of the Emperor.

The different Horus Heresy authors can be a bit hit and miss but Graham McNeill is usually pretty reliable. Overall I thought the general storyline and plot was a bit lacking but the character development of Perturabo in itself makes this one worth a read so I'd give Graham McNeill a thumbs up for Angel Exterminatus.

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