Friday, 31 July 2015

Best burger in Wellington? Possibly so.

We may have found the best burger in Wellington, that is if our friends are to be believed.

Over the last weekend we had some friends come up from Christchurch and stay with us. Doing our best to be good hosts we were taking them to a few of the good eateries and drinking holes around town. On Saturday night we planned to go to the Wellington Night Market on Cuba St with the intention of finding a food truck that makes some great Dutch burgers (yes you read that right Dutch burgers, not to be confused with Dutch Burghers). We were a bit disappointed to find the truck was not there that night, but we were determined not to let our burger hunt be ruined by this inconvenience.

If I can go off track for just a second, some may remember a couple of months ago when a Wellington burger joint owner made national headlines for publically slandering a customer who suggested one of his burgers gave her child food poisoning. If you're not familiar here's a link to one of the media articles. Well when this originally came out it unsurprisingly generated a bit of discussion around town about Ekim Burgers and the word among people in the know was that, while the owner may be a bit of a tool, the burgers were actually quite good.

Deliberately unsympathetic picture of the accused; Mike Duffy - Owner of Ekim Burgers

So when we were left burgerless by the absence of a Dutch burger truck we remembered that Ekim Burgers was just a few blocks up the road. Enticed not only but the opportunity to put these burgers to the test, but also by the opportunity of inciting a public Ramsaying from the owner we set off in search of the fabled Ekim Burgers restaurant (well it's actually just a truck in a parking lot but if McDonalds can call themselves a restaurant then why not these guys?).

Not a refugee camp, this is Ekim Burgers.

We arrived to find that the owner; Mike Duffy, was unfortunately not on shift that evening so it seemed that we would be forced to tolerate a pleasant evening absent of his vitriolic rhetoric while consuming our meals. After consulting the menu I decided to give the 'Olivia' a try; this was a chicken burger with bacon and blue cheese sauce.

It may not look like much when dumped on a brown paper bag at 8pm at night before being photographed with an iPhone but I can guarantee you it tastes absolutely awesome! While I wouldn't rate it as the best burger I have ever had it would definitely make top five and is enough to draw me back to Ekim to try other burgers despite it's rather unsavoury proprietor.

However there is apparently an even better burger than this one. Our friends had ordered the 'Pearce' which is one of Ekim's vege burgers. It's made of refried beans, cheese, cornfritter, guacamole and jalapeno salsa. Phrases such as 'life changing' and 'never any other burger' seemed to be common while they were eating this champion of cuisine so it sounds like it is definitely one to try. Could it possibly be the best burger in Wellington? If you get the chance to stop in at Ekim and can overcome the moral degradation of giving money to their turd-burgler of an owner then give it a try and judge for yourself...

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