Sunday, 28 June 2015

What's been happening this week.

It's been a jack of all trades this week. I am nearing completion of the 'Lego sorting' so that means more spare time for getting back into modelling. In light of that I have started looking at what I should begin working on though have not started anything yet per se.

First of all I have to say that I am so very glad this sorting is almost over. This is currently the state of our kitchen table:

And it is a similar story for the study and the coffee table in the lounge. The study is in fact worse but is at least becoming full of dismantled and packed Lego. This is what I've packed away so far:

All the Castle Lego. Yes I know things got out of hand.

All the other Lego. Retail therapy is always such a good idea at the time but never in hindsight.

Still a little more to do which I will finish off over the next couple of days, but at least with the light at the end of the tunnel looming ever closer I have begun thinking about what I need to get done in terms of modelling and painting.

Before leaving Christchurch a guy asked me to do some commission work for him. I told him that I would make no promises on how long it would take me due to all the work required for the move and he was quite ok with that. So until now his models have sat in a plastic bag on the pile of 'One day maybe' projects. Now that it's looking like I will have a bit of spare time the guilt is beginning to build and I feel I should get stuck into painting these models.

Two of the models are just for repair and colour reference, the other two are for painting. The Horse Archer in a way is also to be a model for colour reference but for the client to send to a painting company in Sri Lanka to churn out units of this type for sweat shop prices. The banner bearer he asked me to do because he'd like someone to take the time to paint it well. Nothing against the Sri Lankan company he's using which are quite good (I believe the painted archer in the middle is one of theirs) but at the end of the day they are a company looking to make a profit and hence churn through as many models as possible in the shortest timeframe they can which means the attention to detail is a little lacking.

In other news my recent foray into Mordheim has got me thinking about how to make some of my models look a little more individual now that they are developing different skills and stat increases. One of the things I really enjoy but don't do nearly enough is kit-bashing and I thought this would be a great opportunity for just that. So I had a bit of a rummage through my bits box and managed to find a few old broken or beaten Dwarf models:

The one on the far left (a little hard to see with a white background) is destined to become a Beardling while the other two will become Thunderers or Clansmen I think.

I did also manage to fit in another game of Mordheim last week and it was yet another ridiculous affair of mishaps and mayhem. Same residence so no photos due to lighting issues but here is the gist of it:

Four players this time but only one table so another free-for-all. I deployed in one corner with the Protectorate warband to my left and the Skaven to my right. Across the table from me were the Kislevites with the Undead noticeably absent this week. Wyrdstone was strewn across the table with two pieces relatively close to me and the rest being a bit too far for me to reach with my stubby little Dwarf legs. I picked up the two I could before being ambushed by 5 wandering hounds. Once I had taken care of them I was about to be abducted by a lone Skaven Warlord (just want to point out that this may not sound like much but the Skaven player's warband was so advanced he was quite happily beating all of us into submission and his Warlord was more than capable of taking out my entire gang if he could reach combat) however a few lucky Crossbow shots managed to put him out of action and I could turn my attention to gathering more Wyrdstone. By this time a thick fog dropped over the battlefield and I couldn't see anything to shoot so was well out of the fight. The Skaven player finished off the Protectorate and Kislevite warband on his own then came after me. Thankfully the other two warbands had done enough damage that I only needed one more rat out of action to force a bottle test on him. As he came charging through the fog one of my Thunderers managed to pick off a member of his warband and the Skaven fled the scene...with about 5 Wyrdstone shards mind you.

Another hilarious game and it was kind of cool to win one. In the defence of the Skaven player however I did only win because he was such a good sport. Charging headlong into a Dwarf Warband even in the fog is asking for a few casualties. We both knew it came down to that one bottle test; if he failed he was gone, if he passed he was in combat next turn and I would likely be fleeing the battlefield in the following two turns. A big thanks to Greg the Skaven player for his fantastic sporstmanship, and also for his incredibly high warband rating which gave me a huge underdog bonus! Here's how my warband looks after two games:

So that's another week of geeking done and dusted for me. On a closing note if you are interested in decluttering any of your stuff (because I know us geeks are all hoarders to a degree) I found Leo Babauta's zenhabits blog to be quite helpful. He's a bit of a quasi/neo-Buddhist but the way he writes is quite removed from the mystical, spiritual side of things in order to appeal to laymen and plebs such as myself. Well worth checking out if you have a bit of down-time.

Thanks for reading, we'll see you next week.    : )

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