Sunday, 21 June 2015


Not much has been happening for me in terms of modelling. My life is still consumed with sorting Lego in a futile attempt to reduce my accumulated 'stuff' after the move. Thankfully however an old friend from Dunedin who is now living here suggested I get involved in a Mordheim campaign he is mixed up in. I've always had a stronger love for skirmish team/gang/warband development games like Mordheim, Necromunda or Blood Bowl than I have for the bigger games such as 40k or Fantasy so I jumped at the opportunity to get involved.

Getting a game in has been difficult given how busy life has been lately but last Tuesday I finally managed to get my Dwarf Treasure Hunters onto the gaming table.

We had an odd number of players so we simply played a 5-way match to make sure everyone got a game. The protagonists were:

Protectorate of Sigmar (unofficial warband you can find here)
Dwarf Treasure Hunters

For my starting warband I decided to take a Lord (Noggin), an Engineer (Bjorg), 2 Troll Slayers (Gnutjob and Krakpot), 3 Thunderers armed with Crossbows (Butlug, Bjornagin and Corky) and a solitary Beardling (Guppy).

And here is my starting warband in all their purpley gloriousness:

Unfortunately I have no photos of the game as it was a little too dark to take pictures on my phone. Here's a quick run down of what happened though: I was deployed next to the Kislevites with the Protectorate and Skaven also relatively close. My entire warband started in the second floor of a ruined building and in my first turn I set about moving my Thunderers up to the windows while my characters climbed downstairs to grab the wyrdstone nearby. The Protectorate's hounds strayed into the open near my Thunderers and so I took some pot shots at them (taking one out of action from memory). The Protectorate player took offense at this and sent his whole warband after me pincushioning Gnutjob in the process with his archers. Random effects during the game meant Krakpot became possessed by a daemon and decided to run off on his own in a berserk attempt to kill one of the Protectorate's heroes. In doing so he managed to get himself gangbanged which then forced me to take my first bottle test which I promptly failed.

Game Over!!!

A bizarre game but I was happy how it turned out in the end given I was playing a new warband against some very developed warbands. My only two casualties were Gnutjob and Krakpot; Gnutjob suffered a hand injury (-1 Weapon Skill) from trying to catch all those arrows fired at him, Krakpot on the other hand 'Survived against the odds' and picked up an extra experience point!

Because all the other warbands were so developed I got a good underdog bonus out of this game which helped a lot of my guys level up:

Bjorg Bjorgsonsonsen gained a skill so I gave him 'Quick Shot'.

Krakpot gained +1 Attack.

Butlug got 'That lad's got talent' and become a hero. He also gained +1 Ballistic Skill.

Bjornagin Kristian gained +1 Ballistic Skill.

Corky gained +1 Strength.

Guppy gained +1 Initiative.

With the money I earned out of this game I also bought two more Beardlings to beef up my cannon fodder a little. This is how my warband looks now:

So after this foray I am feeling a whole lot better. Not having time for gaming recently has been a bit of a downer but getting back into Mordheim has given me a huge boost. Even just one game has reminded me of everything I love about this style of gaming; the narrative that evolves over the course of a game always makes for humorous and interesting stories, the development of your warband members means you become far more emotionally invested in your 'army' than with bigger games, and if you're gaming away from home all you have to bring are a dozen odd models and a handful of dice.

Modelling time is still looking very scarce in the foreseeable future so Mordheim will have to fill my gaming gap for now. I am at least getting some reading time in now that I'm catching the bus to work so I have been getting my 40k fix through Horus Heresy novels as of late. I also bought the Skitarius and Tech-Priest novels today so I'll get into them soon and post some reviews up here when I've finished them.

In more promising news: Wellington on a Plate is coming in August and as part of that they are doing the Burger Wellington contest again so you can guarantee there will be burger updates coming in a month or two.

For now I best get back to sorting Lego. If you have any recommendations for burgers to try during Burger Wellington then please let me know as Sam and I are compiling our list this week!

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