Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Bake Burger

Well I've already suffered my first set back in blogging for the new year. I was supposed to post this one up a couple of weeks ago with another blog (currently half written) shortly behind it. Nevermind though, I didn't believe for a moment that this new focus on blogging would be without it's challenges or failures. The reason I'm behind is because I've had so much on at work and my evenings are full to the brim with commission painting and landscaping to be done. Today is no different so for that reason I'll keep this blog brief.

A few weeks ago Sam and I cooked up the second burger in our Gourmet Burger cookbook; the Bake burger. This one was also a simple burger with the only real complicated part being the bacon and cheese relish. The rest was pretty much straight forward burger stuff; beef patties, buns, lettuce and tomato sauce. Getting the relish right was difficult as I followed the directions but it came out a bit watery. The relish had all sorts in it; bacon, cheese, gherkin, onion, oregano and tomato. The recipe said to melt the cheese in some water for three 20 second bursts in the microwave and this is where it became watery. Not sure what I did wrong here but we ploughed ahead anyway. We drained the excess water out of the relish, thickened it up and stacked the burgers for eating. The stacking order went like this:

Top Bun
Iceberg Lettuce
Bacon and Cheese Relish
Beef Pattie
Tom Sauce
Bottom Bun

I'll admit that I wasn't blown away by this one. It was all general burger goodness but the only exciting bit was the relish which just didn't taste that exciting. It might be down to my rather average cooking skills but I don't think this one will get a second chance for us to find out.

I give it two out of five pickles.

The Stillwater Stiffs have been busy in our local Blood Bowl league so I'll get a post up about them soon. In the meantime:

eat more burgers!!!

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