Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Burger me!

In my previous post about Acknowledging the past and looking forward to the future... I mentioned that I have been thinking about what I could add to my own blog. After reading a number of other people's blogs I found the ones I enjoyed the most tended to be those that expanded beyond a single subject matter. Not to say there wasn't a primary focus such as wargaming or modelling or boardgames, but it wasn't the sole focus. The odd post would move down a different tangent and explore another aspect of the person's life. I really enjoyed the more intimate nature of these blogs and I found the 'off-topic' posts to be a breath of fresh air so I decided it was something I would like to introduce into my own blog.

One of my passions in life, outside of the obvious geekery that litters the posts of this site, are burgers. Burgers of all kinds; beef burgers, lamb burgers, chicken burgers, venison burgers, fish burgers...ok maybe not fish burgers, I just can't seem to get into them. But the point is that in terms of favourite foods I put burgers right at the top. Most of my family are aware of this rather unhealthy obsession and, as any loving family member would do, instead of trying to save my arteries and steer me away from an early heart attack they instead tend to encourage my unwholesome zeal for fatty, fried sandwiches.

They encourage it so much that they bought Sam and I this recipe book for Christmas. I have to say I've not been so excited about a Christmas present in a long time. When we got it we spent a good portion of the morning flicking through the pages and exploring the various recipes. It's quite a good book, it goes well beyond the seemingly simple process of sticking mince and veges between two slices of bloated bread.

The book talks a little about the history of the burger and the evolution of the gourmet burger, they give their own recipe for making burger buns and they discuss different cuts of meat to use, how to make different relishes and sauces, and different types of lettuce and cheese to use. All up there are 58 burger recipes in the book ranging from beef to veal to chicken to duck to prawn to fish to crab to vegetarian (I know, not a real burger without meat is it?). With so many recipes Sam and I thought the best way to work through them all would be to test one each week for a year and blog the results. There are bound to be a few in there we won't want to try *cough*vegeburgers*cough* which will reduce the number down to 52 or less and if we find any other interesting recipes from elsewhere we could try them too if we have room. Anyway without further adieu let me introduce you to the first burger in the book:

Base Burger

No surprises I'm sure that the first burger in the book is your basic everyday burger known in this book as the 'Base'. It's pretty stock standard really; beef pattie, Iceberg lettuce and homemade tomato relish with a homemade pickle, honey mayonnaise. Sam and I are both pretty busy at the moment so we had to cut a few corners on this one, we bought the buns rather than made them (I promise we will make the homemade buns at a later date) and we bought the honey mayonnaise and then added the pickles to it rather than making it fresh as suggested in the book. None the less the results were aaaamaaaaazing! The pickle and honey mayonnaise are really what make it another step up from a normal burger. Sam said it's like eating a Big Mac but made from fresh ingredients. I really enjoyed this burger and I'll definitely be having it again, if I had to put a score to it I would give it 4 pickles out of 5. 3 for the taste and an extra 1 for the unpretentious beauty of it.

Anyway that's us for the first review. We've already tried the second burger in the book at the time of writing this so I'll get the photos uploaded and begin writing another post when I have a chance. I hope you enjoyed reading something a little different to posts about wargaming and if you have any great burger recipes please let me know as I'd love to try them.

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