Monday, 28 April 2014

I'm on a boat!

Just a random post to fill the void about what I'm up to. A long time ago I started a commission job for a guy at the club who asked me to paint a Marienburg Land Ship for his Vampire Counts army. A slightly less long time ago I took some pictures of the work I have done so far and meant to post them up but never got round to it.

If you ever find yourself considering the purchase of this model I'll give you a fair warning that assembling it requires a ton of patience. I have never had to clean so many flash lines, heat and twist so many warped parts or fill so many miscast gaps. It will look great when its finished and I look forward to that day but it has certainly been a frustrating model to put together. Once I had the main hull assembled though I could actually get to painting the model which was very fulfilling. It has progressed further since the photo above with the turrets being attached and the mast painted and ready to glue in. The client wants it to be mounted upon an ethereal cloud rather than on the big wheels it came with and he has given me some undead pirate crew to go with it. A few days more work and it will look mostly complete with just the touch ups to do. I'll try and get another photo up in a week or two of where I'm at so you can all see the progress. It'll be time to celebrate when I've finished it that's for sure...maybe I should buy a Land Ship model for myself an...nah fuck that!

The cannon that is mounted in the front of the hull and pokes out the open hatch you can see above.

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  1. Love the barnacle detail. Awesome stuff