Sunday, 9 March 2014

Stillwater Stiffs 2-0-1

It's been a while since I posted about the Stiffs' progress in our local leagues so I thought I best get a post up before I fall too far behind. A lot has happened over the past three months so I'll make the statements brief:

IPL Cup:

Our esteemed league administrator organised a knock-out tournament over the Christmas break in which you could enter any team who had played at least three games in the IPL league (our side project league that people use to try out new teams). I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to try and get my head around using the new Necromantic style Stiffs before the BCL started. All up the Stiffs did pretty well in the IPL, they managed three games before the knock-out competition started in which they managed two draws and a win. In the knock-out competition they drew Regan's Undead for their first round and managed to pull off a 2-0 win! My star Werewolf; Mikal Jaxon scored both touchdowns, the casualties came out 2-1 in Regan's favour with two of my Zombies being badly hurt and my Wight, Gerry the Groper, seriously injuring one of Regan's Skeletons. The Stiffs tried to ride the tide of success into their second game but it was not to be. Their second game was against Jim's Amazons; the Blue Sox, who ultimately went on to win the IPL Cup. The game started out well with my other Werewolf; Fido, killing the Blue Sox star catcher. Unfortunately Jim used his apothecary and she went straight back into the reserves bin. From there everything started coming up Blue Sox. Jim's dice were red hot with him never failing a dodge roll and sending half of my team to the knocked out or injured bin. The Stiffs didn't have much of a chance and went down 0-2 with a 2-2 casualty score. So an early exit for the Stiffs but it was good to get some practice in before BCL.

BCL so far:

The Stillwater Stiffs introduction to the new BCL league was a painful experience. My first game was one of those games where every one of my rolls seemed to be a 1 or a Skull and every roll from my opponent was a 6 or a Defender Down. This was against Michael's Skaven; the '2 Minuters' and long story short the Stiffs lost 0-5 and even lost the casualty battle 2-3. The bad luck continued after the game with the team picking up a measly 20k of winnings leaving them in a rather poor state for the start of the league.

Things have improved since with the Stiffs picking up a win against Alex's Chaos team 'Altdorf's Next' and Mason's Lizardmen team 'Mason's Monitors' and getting decent winnings from both matches. Dodgy Dave; the Stiffs' star Ghoul runner, returned from vacation to play during their game against Mason's Monitors but took only one block from a Saurus before being stretchered off the field. Head Coach Krup Sokmeinder says he is out for the next game too while he recovers. Seems like too many cocktails and lazy afternoons on the beach during the off-season has put Dave off his game a little. Lets hope he finds form quickly because the Stiffs are back down to 11 players for their next game against what could potentially be a well developed team now that we are three games in to the season.

I haven't got much of a visual log of the past few months but I did manage to snap a few shots of the team last club night when they were playing Mason's Monitors. Mason didn't have the Lizardmen models so he is using vampire models as stand-ins.

Dodgy Dave breaks down my left side towards the endzone just before getting sacked by a Saurus.

A closer shot of Dave before his first game of the season was prematurely ended.

So a rough start for the Stiffs but they're rebuilding. Let's hope the rest of the season goes a little better for them. They have one more game to play this month so I'll post an update with the results when I have them.

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