Monday, 3 March 2014

Ausbowl Team Championship - Slow Progress

The last two weeks have been very busy with work and getting things built around the house. This has unfortunately not left a lot of time for painting so the progress on the Half-Pints has been slower than I hoped. With a little more spare time in the near future I'm hoping I can catch up so fingers crossed we'll still be ready in time. Only three more weeks!

Here's what I've finished so far:

The concept model for the team colours. The gloves will be a deep red which will hopefully blend well with the Brown and at the same time offer a good contrasting colour.

The concept chicken. I'm trying to find a white that isn't so...white...

The Half-Pints so far with skin tones finished. We'll get started on the team colours soon.

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  1. You could try combining white with a light grey like Ulthuan. It's what I use for bandages