Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Warclouds...and stuff...

Waitangi weekend has been and gone and that means another year of War Clouds Over Woolston otherwise known as WarCOW. I was a bit of a last minute entry this year; seeing as it is a doubles event I wasn't quite sure if I had a teammate. Four of us organised all of this last year after WarCOW 2013 but of course life happened somewhere in between and our plans ended up in turmoil. Thankfully Carl got in touch with me about a month out and asked if I was going and wanted to partner up with him. Our armies didn't really match up in that I have only goody, goody Dwarfs painted and Carl has only evil, evil armies painted but as fortune would have it Carl had enough models in both his Orc and Goblin army and Vampire Counts army that I could just borrow one of them while he played the other.

Carl took the Orcs and Goblins while I tried my hand at Vampire Counts. I have to admit that, while I didn't really know what I was doing, I had a lot of fun. Vampire Counts are a really enjoyable army to play if you like annoying your opponent. When your opponent wipes out rank upon rank of zombies only to see them rise up and take their place in the line again they take on a look of despair and hopelessness that I find quite comforting.

I was far too busy drinking over the weekend to take any photos I'm sorry but here's a quick run down of how we did:

Game 1 - Against Dwarfs and Elves. Both armies tag-teamed Carl's Orcs while I failed with my magic and couldn't move my army across to help out quickly enough. End result - we lose.

Game 2 - Against Dark Elves and Skaven. I foolishly leave a corridor through to the zombie unit holding my Necromancer and Vampire. Dark Elf Cold One Knights charge through and kill everything. My army disappears and Carl is left to try and win by himself. Another fail to me.

Game 3 - Against Empire and Ogres. Ogres dice fail so Carl blitzes them while I do the shakey, shakey boom-boom with the Empire and we come out about even. I think because of the Ogre's bad luck team Carl/Nathan came out with a minor win here.

Game 4 - Against Dwarfs and Wood Elves. Wood Elves massacre Carl's side of the table, I massacre my side of the table, we both turn flanks and it ends up a draw.

Game 5 - Against Vampire Counts and Vampire Counts. This was played down the length of the table rather than the width so we all piled into the middle and beat the snot out of each other. Game ends up in a draw.

Game 6 - Against Chaos Warriors and Beastmen. We played kinda tactically here and were actually doing really well but my constant magic failing cost us in the end and it led to a minor win for them.

All of our games were fantastic with some hilarious moments in each, all of our opponents were great sports and tolerated my swearing and cursing of my magic dice in the most gentlemanly manner and Mike; the guy running it, did a great job of keeping the games moving along so we could finish on time. We improved from our Wooden Spoon placing last year to come out about 3rdish to last or somewhere like that. An awesome event and I'm already looking forward to next year.

Just so this post isn't completely lacking in photos I did get a couple of snap shots of my new Skaven Battle Standard Bearer. It really frustrates me that GW doesn't make a Skaven BSB as almost every Skaven army I've seen uses one. I have been pondering the arduous task of trying to convert one from spare parts when I found this chubby fella on the sale table at WarCOW:

I'm not a huge fan of the banner but I do like the model. Being quite bulky he'll stand out in the unit without me having to mount him on some kind of rock or plinth. I've clipped off the banner and attached a Stormvermin banner which is quite a bit bigger, and just because I struggle with the idea of someone swinging a two handed halberd while holding up a banner I have removed his halberd and replaced it with a sword. Here are a few shots of him before I get into the greenstuffing.

I'm really stoked with how he's turning out and can't wait to get started on painting him. Unfortunately that will have to wait while I focus on the Halflings and some commission work but at least I now have a model I can use rather than proxying my BSB with a Squig.

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  1. Waaaa I completely forgot it was on and should've come down during my break on Sunday. Oh well. Sounds like a fun day

    Also, agreed. That model >>> standard bearers in any GW kit