Tuesday, 4 February 2014


I got this model a while ago when I traded for a small Skaven army. I'm not a huge fan of the GW abomination model but I love this guy and if I'm honest he was the reason I started the army. The Skaven clan of Hell Pit has always fascinated me; the idea of countless Skaven Packmasters toiling in the frozen, grimy pits of the north, mutating foul and savage beasts to be unleashed upon their foes in uncontrolled rage appeals to my anarchistic side. Of course the idea of the odd Packmaster losing control of their most recent experiment and having their own creation consume them piece by piece also appeals to my sense of fairness and balance.

He's been a long time in the process; I think I started him about October, but he's finally finished and I'm very happy with the result. He looks suitably disgusting; like a shambling, weeping sore which was just what I was hoping for. It was certainly a lot of fun playing around with layered washes to build up the highlights and shades as its not a technique I often use. Certainly one I'll be using again in the near future though.

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