Sunday, 26 January 2014

Capital Shield only a week away

I've not been totally idle with the painting this week which is extremely unlike me. With Capital Shield looming on the horizon I've been trying to stick to my New Year's Resolution of getting things painted. My first target on that list (read here for the list) was to complete my Human Blood Bowl team in time for an event in Wellington on the 1st and 2nd of Feb.

While I am still behind schedule to get everything completed I can at least proudly say I have painted 8 models in the last week and a half. Below are the 4 Blitzers and 4 Catchers for the team:

Despite the pictures I'm happy with the results. Trying to take photos on a rainy day with an amateur set-up and an amateur photographer are not a good mix it seems. The leather I'm especially happy with; I was aiming for a warm, dark brown and I think its come out quite well.

8 models down and 9 to go. I still have six Linemen to turn out as well as the two Throwers and the Ogre/Morg'n'Thorg. Less than a week to go, it'll be a piece of cake for the likes of me! Who needs things like sleep anyways?

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