Sunday, 26 January 2014

Capital Shield only a week away

I've not been totally idle with the painting this week which is extremely unlike me. With Capital Shield looming on the horizon I've been trying to stick to my New Year's Resolution of getting things painted. My first target on that list (read here for the list) was to complete my Human Blood Bowl team in time for an event in Wellington on the 1st and 2nd of Feb.

While I am still behind schedule to get everything completed I can at least proudly say I have painted 8 models in the last week and a half. Below are the 4 Blitzers and 4 Catchers for the team:

Despite the pictures I'm happy with the results. Trying to take photos on a rainy day with an amateur set-up and an amateur photographer are not a good mix it seems. The leather I'm especially happy with; I was aiming for a warm, dark brown and I think its come out quite well.

8 models down and 9 to go. I still have six Linemen to turn out as well as the two Throwers and the Ogre/Morg'n'Thorg. Less than a week to go, it'll be a piece of cake for the likes of me! Who needs things like sleep anyways?

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

What to do with a Saturday afternoon...

My friend Mark and I have long talked about having an Asia-off in Dystopian Wars with his Chinese fleet vs. my Japanese. Despite this we've never actually got round to making time for the game. Seeing as he is moving out of town soon he suggested we have a game before he left, so after some musing and contemplating we agreed we should play the Asian showdown as our last game in Christchurch. The date was set and the table prepared for a face-off between the two mightiest empires in Asia. All that was needed now was for the beer to be poured and the smack talk to begin...

I deployed my Japanese fleet with the big boats in the middle and the Frigates on the flanks.

Mark deployed the Guinness at either end of the table. He positioned his fleet on the table as well.

A close up of my fleet commander giving Mark's Chinese commander 'the eye'.

The game begins and Mark mercilessly guns down my Frigates with his Battleship...

The rest of my Frigates look for retribution...and get gunned down.

Second to last turn and there's not much left on the ocean.

In the end we had one ship left each. My Battleship was lining up Mark's last Cruiser and at that point we decided to call it a day. Both ships slunk into the mist as the failing light covered their tracks leaving two fleets of wreckage to sink to the bottom of the ocean.

It was great to be playing Dystopian Wars again and I think we're really starting to get the hang of the rules. Playing this game was so much fun and it has really built my anticipation for Southcon this year; I'm totally amped to be playing Dystopian Wars in a tournament again.

As a parting note for the evening here's a screenshot of another game between Mark and I. He had planned to go to the movies tonight but it was called off and I had planned to do some work but procrastination sounded like a much better idea. Here you can see my irrepressible Halflings of the Meadow Hills Half Pints taking on Mark's filthy Skaven of the Cheese Poofs. It was an interesting game with some bizarre dice rolls that ultimately ended up in a draw. Mark had some tough luck losing his Rat Ogre to a Treeman block on a Both Down result and the Half Pints came out of the match mostly unscathed despite a couple of injuries. Most importantly however I had two Halflings skill up! So beware the next player who has to take on the Half Pints; with two players now being able to Sprint up to three squares (yes that's a maximum 8 movement folks) my future opponent is going to have to move pretty fast to keep up with my plucky little guys.

That's it for now, there's a couple more photos to come for the Blood Bowl Humans and the Skaven Hell Pit Abomination. If I can find time over the weekend I'll get them posted up.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

New Year's Resolutions

Another year gone and another year of goals to review. In typical fashion I have failed miserably at some but there are some great successes I can take from it also.

Last year I only set two goals which were 1) Finish the commission army of Dwarfs for a friend of mine and 2) Paint up models for the Gettysburg 150th anniversary game. While I succeeded at the former, which was a big project, I failed rather miserably at the later. I've still got the odd bit of commission work to do but the Dwarf army is ultimately finished. The American Civil War fell by the wayside unfortunately but I've possibly been given a second chance this year; the guy who organised the Gettysburg battle has talked about running a battle around June this year. He's talked about either a small game recreating the first day of Gettysburg or a bigger game recreating Antietam so fingers crossed one of them goes ahead.

It seems I've not been the only one setting painting goals from last year either. I recently received an e-mail from a friend in Dunedin giving me a re-cap of what he has been up to over the past year and while I won't go into great detail about it I can say that he showed far more discipline and focus than I. So not to be shown up I'm going to try and set a challenging but reachable number of painting goals for this year.

I've decided to base my painting around the tournaments I'm hoping to attend this year so here's a list of what I'm doing, where I'm going and what I want to get painted:

Capital Shield - This is a new Blood Bowl tournament being run early Feb in Wellington. For this event I'm hoping to get my half finished Human team painted up. Success!

Warclouds Over Woolston - This is a teams event run out of the Christchurch Wargaming Club in Woolston on Waitangi weekend in early Feb. I'm pretty keen to attend though I'm not sure if I'll be able to find a partner. If I do I'll be playing either Fantasy or 40k. Unfortunately given it's close proximity to the two Blood Bowl events either side of it I don't think I'll get much painted for it. I might make a commitment to getting a new character model painted. Fail!

Australian Team Championship - Another Blood Bowl tournament; this one held in Melbourne at the end of March. Each team is made up of three players and two others from Christchurch and myself have agreed to take a Stunty team to this event. Tim is taking Skink Lizards or Ogres, Gil is taking Goblins and I'm going to get my Halflings painted for this one.

American Civil War Thing - The ACW event was rumoured to be about mid year so I'd love to have my Confeds painted in time for this if it goes ahead.

Southcon - This is an annual event held in Dunedin which I unfortunately missed last year to attend a Blood Bowl event in Marlborough on the same weekend. I heard from the guys who attended last year that the Dystopian Wars competition was a whole lot of fun so this year I intend to go. My painting goal for this one will be to get my three Scout Gyros painted.

Greenstone Cup - This is a Blood Bowl event held late September in Auckland. Every year I've attended this has been a great event with some tough competition. My aim this year is to get my Lizardman team painted.

Conquest - Tim's event that he runs every year in late October and every year it brings in a big number of players. I have attended every Conquest since it's inception and I've always played 40k so I'll do the same again this year. The difference this year however is that I would like to bring a competitive army; so my challenge is to design, practice and paint a competitive Salamanders army that will get me into the top 10. Given that I'm not particularly interested in competitive gaming this is probably going to be the hardest challenge for me.

Brute Force - The West Coast 40k tournament run in November out of the Monteith's brewery. This is an amazing event and I'm hoping the guys run it again this year. If so I'll definitely be attending. My goal for this one would be to have one more unit or vehicle painted for the Salamanders.

Mainland Bowl - Christchurch's own Blood Bowl Tournament run in late November. It's a good format for a Necromantic team I think so my goal for this event is to finally have the entire Stillwater Stiffs team painted.

The plan is set and now all I have to do is enact it. Here is a shot of my first project; the 'East End Embers' - my Human Blood Bowl team. They've got a bit of work to be done but I'm pretty sure if I keep the painting neat and simple they'll be finished in time for Capital Shield and hopefully look pretty good to boot.

I'll try and post more updates this year as I know I've become a bit more lax about these things. Now I have a plan I should be more obliged to stick with it. We'll see how the next couple of weeks roll out. Being January I should be super motivated to make a good start to my New Year's Resolution right?...right?...

Ah we'll see...