Sunday, 8 December 2013

Stillwater Stiffs - Season Round Up

Long time since there's been an update about everyone's favourite Blood Bowl team ( favourite Blood Bowl team). The BCL season is well and truly over. The season finished a month early while I was on holiday in the States so unfortunately the Stiffs missed out on playing their last three games. Overall they did pretty well coming in 4th. Had I played my last three games I might have been able to reach 3rd and even 2nd equal on league points though I would have lost out on 2nd place due to TD and Cas differential. I found the Khemri a lot of fun to play and extremely challenging not only in-game but also in a league. Because of the low scoring and the high casualties you take with the Skeletons you are highly unlikely to win the differentials, which means that in BCL you have to win your games if you want to take out the league. They would have a bit more of a chance in a league with play-offs but in our league as soon as I took a loss I had to rely on my competitors to make a mistake in order to get past them which is never a good position to be in. Overall I really enjoyed playing the team and would love to come back to them one day.

Times change however and the Stiffs must change with them. With the heavy hitting version of the team not finding success in their BCL championship defence the Stiff's coach; Krup Sokmeinder, is under pressure to enact changes within the team in order to bring them a championship next season. There is a tournament early next year called the IPL cup where the Stiffs will be able to trial their new lineup. In the meantime they are heavily focused on bringing some speed into the team in order to improve their scoring opportunities. In line with this thinking these are the changes that have been made:

- The blockers Dusty and Wither McTwist have been dropped while Cleo and Tinderbox have been kept on.
- Dodgy Dave has been kept on as Ghoul runner and so have Blitzers Brucie Knochen and The Groper. Ronaldo's untimely demise has left a space for another Ghoul runner that is currently untenanted though there are a few potentials making a name for themselves in the little leagues.
- The space left by Dusty and Wither is being filled with two Werewolves; the first position has been taken by a promising rookie named Fido while the second place is yet to be filled.
- After the calamitous performance of the Skeleton linemen last season they have all been cut from the roster and replaced with the Zombie crew led by Shamblin' Joe.

So as it stands this is the current Stillwater Stiffs lineup:

They've played one game with the new roster so far coming out with a draw against Tony's Undead. Tony's Mummies dominated the first half sending the best part of my team to the KO bin and scoring by about turn 6. The Stiffs couldn't come back with an equaliser before the end of the half so were left to try and make a game of it in the second half. Although a little clumsy to begin with the Stiffs managed to get a point back once they figured out how to use Fido's speed to outrun the three Ghouls covering Tony's backfield. A very close game which has shown the importance of having reserves. I better get on to filling those empty positions asap.

As a closer here is a shot of the current Stiffs line up after recent changes. A couple are unpainted but we'll see what we can get completed over the Christmas break.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

What to do with spare time...

After spending so much time on video games when I should have been painting I decided to try going a month without them. November was that month and today I can happily say I achieved it. I did still log into The Simpsons Tapped Out for a few minutes each day to keep the donuts accumulating but otherwise I didn't play any of the video games on my computer for a whole month.

The bottom line is that I put quite a bit more spare time into painting over the last month. Ironically enough I don't have many pictures to show as it's been for commission work that I've since given to the customer or for a Blood Bowl team that was a prize for a recent tournament and I didn't get photos of any of them before I handed them on. Needless to say though the lesson has been very well received. Blood Bowl is now the only game remaining on my computer and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into painting some more of my own models for the months to come.

Just so this post isn't all boring text here is a photo of Skaven weapon teams I finished a bit before November for my Skaven army; Clan Wijit.