Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Stillwater Stiffs 9-1-1

A photoless post I'm afraid so I'll make it brief to stop it from becoming too boring. The Stiffs have carried over their 9th win of the season keeping them at second on the table behind the Pond Scum; Paul's Slann team. Last week they played Regan's Chaos team; the Stormers and it was a bloody game.

The casualties started early with the first kick-off result being "Throw a Rock". The fans were viciously accurate as one of Regan's Beastmen was carried off with a groin strain. We then started with me receiving for the first half. Verk quickly sent off a Chaos Warrior with a Badly Hurt result but Regan's Stormers quickly followed as Ana Reksit was Badly Hurt by Regan's Minotaur. Cleo then killed a Beastman who was promptly apothecaried and once again Regan's Minotaur answered with a casualty of his own. This time however he put Dusty out for this game and the next with a blitz from my right of the field. I did my best to keep the Minotaur out of the play while Ronaldo pushed downfield for the first touchdown of the match. The last turn of the first half was mostly uneventful so we set up for the second.

The Second half started out without much excitement until a very unfortunate block from Regan. On his second turn and only two rolls in he rolled a one die block with a skull coming up and then another skull on the re-roll. A bit unfortunate but you wouldn't think it to be a game changer. However, Regan had not had a chance to move his Minotaur before the turnover so it left him dangerously exposed. A quick blitz from a Tomb Guardian put the Minotaur on the ground and then Liv'n Let'di followed up with a guillotine leg drop and put the Minotaur off with a broken neck. From there Regan was starting to become severely outnumbered and it became very difficult for him to contain my team let alone get past them and score. Nuffle was doing him no favours and the Stiffs managed to turn the ball and run Dodgy Dave in for the second Touchdown while picking up a couple more casualties on the way.

A great game against Regan. He played really well with what was not far off a rookie team after some unfortunate deaths in previous games. He had me on the ropes before the Minotaur was taken off but as soon as that happened it seemed his dice all turned South and there really wasn't much he could do. Final score 2-0, cas 5-2.

On a bit of a side note I'd like to send out some heartfelt thanks to a couple of tournament organisers. I recently attended the Cavcon 40k weekend and Fantasy weekend run by Wes and Alex respectively. Both of them were a lot of fun and after playing so much Blood Bowl it was really nice to be playing some different games. It also inspired me to get a bit more painting done on both armies (though I progressed models more than completed them) to the point where I'm not far off having a fully painted army for both. So thanks very much Alex and Wes, I really appreciate the hard work you both put in and I look forward to the next event.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

What to do on a Monday night...

How about a game of X-Wing? A mate from the Coast was in town for work so he dropped by with a few beers and a box full of models for the X-Wing miniatures game. He had left the Rebel Alliance cards at home but had all the cards for the Firespray-31 (most commonly known as Slave 1) and the various Tie class ships so we worked out even points values and had an Imperial vs. Imperial clash.

Beer was opened, the table was cleared off to make room for tiny model spaceships and we started throwing down movement markers and rolling dice in an attempt to look like we knew what we were doing. In the first game I took Boba Fett in Slave 1 and a Tie Interceptor. Jarred took a Tie Advanced and two Tie Fighters though I forget exactly what pilots he was using. The objective was for Jarred to get the satellites off the board and I had to stop him. Here's a few shots of the game:


Slave 1. It's so pruddy.

Both my ships have strafed past Jarred's destroying the two Fighters and leaving only the Tie Advanced.

Same placement but a different angled shot.

I forgot to take photos of the final showdown. Just as Jarred was about to escape off the end of the table with the captured satellite information and win the game my dice became red hot! (metaphorically of course) and I shot the Tie Advanced out of the sky.

After the first game we switched roles...kinda...Jarred took the Firespray with a different pilot and an Interceptor and Tie Advanced while I brought out the big guns with five Tie Fighters! My pilots were of varying degrees of ability ranging from an Academy Pilot (who actually did really well) to a couple of Fighter Aces. Here's how the game played out:

Jarred deployed his ships...

I deployed my stalwart Imperial pilots...

then we stared at each other for a good 5 minutes...

we had a good dust up in the middle...

and promptly crashed into one another...

then my Tie Fighters started dropping out of the sky...

In the end the Tie Fighters were just no match for the durability of the Firespray and the Tie Advanced. I managed to pick off the Interceptor before all my guys got smoked but I barely scratched the other two.

Overall they were both great games and I really enjoyed them. Coming from such a huge Boba Fett fan it probably sounds strange that I enjoyed the game where I was controlling five Tie Fighters more. There's just something really cool about trying to bring your opponent down with swarms of crappy mosquitoesque Tie Fighters. It was a really awesome night of gaming with good beer and good company and I'll definitely have to dust off my copy of X-Wing and get in another game sometime soon.