Sunday, 1 December 2013

What to do with spare time...

After spending so much time on video games when I should have been painting I decided to try going a month without them. November was that month and today I can happily say I achieved it. I did still log into The Simpsons Tapped Out for a few minutes each day to keep the donuts accumulating but otherwise I didn't play any of the video games on my computer for a whole month.

The bottom line is that I put quite a bit more spare time into painting over the last month. Ironically enough I don't have many pictures to show as it's been for commission work that I've since given to the customer or for a Blood Bowl team that was a prize for a recent tournament and I didn't get photos of any of them before I handed them on. Needless to say though the lesson has been very well received. Blood Bowl is now the only game remaining on my computer and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into painting some more of my own models for the months to come.

Just so this post isn't all boring text here is a photo of Skaven weapon teams I finished a bit before November for my Skaven army; Clan Wijit.

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