Friday, 8 November 2013

Conquest 2013

Given it's now 2 weeks past the event I thought I best post about Conquest before the photos become forever lost in the bowels of my computer's picture files.

Conquest was a lot of fun; primarily because I learned so much about the new 40k rules. It has given me a passion for the game again which has been largely lacking over the past year or two. The Salamanders performed admirably considering the models I had to use. My loses all felt like the game might have gone either way but for the roll of a die, I never felt like I was out of the game until we tallied the final score.

Here's a run down of my games:

Game 1
My first game was against Dave who I've played in the past when he was using a Nurgle Chaos Space Marine Army. This time however he was using a Blood Angels/Grey Knights combo and he had A LOT of toys so I was looking forward to the challenge of trying to beat this army.

My Assault squad lining up the last of the Death Company.

Thankfully the mission was based around objectives and Dave had very few troop units so I figured if I could take out these units I could claim objectives and win the game.

Dreddie love.

Things went mostly to plan. I isolated his jump pack units and took them out with rapid firing tactical squads and was also fortunate enough to knock out his Dreadknight. Dave was left with one Inquisitorial Henchman squad claiming an objective and one Death Company Dreadnought crawling through ruins while being hammered by tremor shells from my Thunderfire Cannon. With remnants of two tactical squads able to claim objectives it was looking promising for the Salamanders. Unfortunately for me Dave’s Stormraven finally came out of reserve and swooped down on my Tac squads, then in a flurry of ‘5’s and ‘6’s followed by a string of ‘1’s and ‘2’s for armour saves, he managed to wipe out both squads in one round of shooting.

Super Spud attacks!

The game ended up in a minor win for Dave. A close game and I was pretty happy with how my plucky marines did overall.

Game 2
My second game was against Nick and his Dark Eldar. I played Nick previously at Cavcon against his Tau where he wiped the floor with me so I was a little pessimistic coming into this game but after he told me he had no night shields I thought there might be hope for me after all.

The horde I had to tackle.

My plan here was to ground as many raiders as I could and then bombard and rapid fire anything that ended up in the open. Once again it was an objectives mission so if I could hold his troops back away from the majority of the objectives, or better yet wipe them out, I could win on victory points.

The game didn't exactly go to plan. Bad armour penetration rolls meant I really struggled to knock anything out of the sky for the first half of the game but the luck turned in the second half and skiffs where dropping left, right and centre. I had just enough troops left to claim objectives, with auxiliaries such as Dreadnoughts and the Thunderfire Cannon to keep the last of the Dark Eldar at bay.

The game ended up with a minor win to me.

Game 3
My final game for day one was against Chris and his Nids. Last time I played Chris he also wiped the floor with me but that was in the previous rules set. The change in rules meant his Genestealers were not nearly as effective as they once were so his army had undergone some massive alterations.

Squee! Drop Pod love!

With objectives being the focus of this mission also, my plan was to wipe out the infantry as quickly as possible and then focus fire on his big Nids one at a time to take them down. This was a bit of a whacky game with some bizarre dice rolling leaving Chris’ Flying Hive Tyrant locked in combat with a tactical squad for about four rounds.

Those big nids sure can shit a lot of Termagaunts.

We got to turn 4 when we ran out of time. There was still a chance I could pull a win out of it but the game was in Chris’ favour so we called it there and Chris got a major win. Despite the score line I was happy with how my marines had performed; the only exception being my tactical squad who were supposed to die to the Hive Tyrant so that he would be left in the open for me to shoot at. Instead they decided to be tremendously heroic which threw my cunning plan into turmoil. Why couldn't they just be martyrs!?!

Game 4 
My first game on day two was against Cam and his Blood Angels. I was stoked with this as I haven’t played Cam since before the quakes (about three years ago). He surprisingly had no Death Company as well which meant this was going to be an interesting game.

That damn Raider won't slow down!

I planned to take out Cam’s Land Raider early with a drop podding Dreadnought so I could force his Termies to walk which would allow me to avoid them till turn four. From there I was hoping to bombard his Scout squad and Vindicator into submission while my Assault squad and Tactical Squads dealt with his Assault Squad in the middle of the table. The mission was to retrieve the relic so I thought if I could lure his army towards the relic I could butcher them one squad at a time and then grab the relic on the last turn. Unfortunately things didn't go at all to plan. A string of ‘1’s and ‘2’s on my armour penetration rolls for the Multi-Melta meant the Land Raider dropped the Termies out close enough to the action. I did manage to take out most of the Termies but a string of ‘1’s and ‘2’s on Charge rolls meant my Assault squad and Captain couldn't reach Cam’s Assault squad. Then in the last couple of turns Cam’s Stormraven came flying in and blasted me into oblivion (I really need to get one of those).

The fabled Vindicator showdown!

Pew pew!

Overall a good game; one of those situations where exactly the wrong rolls at exactly the wrong time really cost me dearly. I've certainly learned that a Multi-Melta Dread in a Drop Pod is not worth the high risk. I better get stuck into painting some Sternguard…oh and a Stormraven too; those things are horrible! Final result was a major win for Cam.

Game 5
Last game for the event was against someone I’ve never played before. Fergus looked like he was pretty new to the game as his army was all unpainted grey plastic. He had a Chaos army with A LOT of toys, but thankfully no Heldrake. The table was very open on one side but with a lot more cover on the other. This was again an objectives mission so I figured I would use my Tactical squads, Dreadnought and Vindicator to hold the open side while my Assault squad, mounted Tactical squad, Stormtalon and Drop Pod Dreadnought would counter attack the other side against all of Fergus’ infantry. This game was pretty methodical as it all worked pretty much to plan. Fergus got very unlucky with his artillery on the open side of the board and once my Multi-Meltas were in range they seemed to be determined to make up for all of their previous failings as one vehicle after another became a heap of burning wreckage.

Beer o'clock!

Taking cover (some would say 'cowering') behind the Rhino.

The game went for 7 turns and at the end of the 7th turn I removed his last model from the table with my Chaplain so it ended up as a major win to me.

Another year of Conquest done and dusted and I had a lot of fun. Once again, playing these games has helped me understand the 40k rules a lot better and I've discovered how to use some of my units to better effect also. On the other side of the coin I've also found some gaps where my army is very lacking and could use a few new models *coughStormravencough*. I doubt I'll find time to add much to the army over the coming year but I'll definitely find time to play more 40k.

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