Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Stillwater Stiffs 11-2-2

Long time since I last posted sorry. Things have been a little crazy so time for a bit of catch up.

The Stillwater Stiffs have suffered their second loss of the season going down in spectacular fashion to the Self-Inflicted Chaos; Daniel's Chaos team. It was a pretty ugly game from the Stiffs, not to say they didn't have a chance to draw if not win but they certainly didn't put up much of a fight.

After the Stiff's previous draw with the Crivens their fan base had lessened somewhat but with the help of the Self-Inflicted Chaos fans we still managed a record crowd of 29,000. The weather was perfect for a game of Blood Bowl and after the coin toss it was the Self-Inflicted Chaos who would be receiving first. I was down 200k so as inducements I took a wizard and a babe.

Here was the set-up for the first kick.

I kicked to the magic square and the ball scattered right on top of Dan's Minotaur. I was fully expecting the ball to bounce out and begin the first turn with Dan having to retrieve it but of course Dan popped out a quick 6 and I was staring down the barrel of having to knock over a Minotaur to get the ball.

One thing that became very clear early on in the game is that Dan was going to tie up as many players of mine as possible and use his better agility and movement to outrun me. Not a common tactic with Chaos but against my slow and cumbersome Khemri it worked a treat. Dan blitzed his Minotaur down my right flank and scored by turn three. I realised afterwards that I should have used my wizard to stop him but unfortunately it had completely slipped my mind. Later in the game Dan also had to remind me about my babe for my knock out rolls. I think there's a pretty clear indication that I need to get some models painted to represent inducements so I don't forget next time.

Runaway Minotaur

This is usually a good position to be in with Khemri. If you are kicking off in the first half you usually want your opponent to either score early or not at all so you have the opportunity to grind them out for 13-16 turns. With that being said I wasn't too worried; I was now receiving and I had 14 turns in which to try and put some hurt on Daniel's team. What actually happened was something quite different. I seemed to be rolling a string of pushes and both-downs or skulls so with all of Daniel's team having block I was struggling to get anywhere and I was burning through the re-rolls. I really should have changed tactics and sent a straggler up field for an unlikely pass but I continued to try and grind the cage and the rolls never came. Dan actually turned the ball over and managed to break away towards my endzone. This was about where I started to hit the limit of my temper as I had to use my wizard in order to stop him going 2 up on me. The half ended at 1-0 and I had to try and calm myself for the second half.

I won't go too much into the second half as it was pretty much a repeat of the first. I tried to grind Daniel's team out of the game but the rolls simply weren't happening. He proceeded tie up my team with great positioning and in my frustration with the dice I made stupid mistakes which meant Daniel got another point on the board.

Stick together guys! For the love of god stick together!

A really good game against Daniel and a good lesson in humility for me. Dan played an outstanding game and I let a bit of bad luck get the best of me. Daniel seemed to approach the game with a confident strategy and I had none and in the end my lack of focus meant I had no chance and Daniel completely outplayed me.

I take my hat off to Dan who was an extremely tolerant sportsman in the face of an opponent who was really starting to let his frustrations show. Losing to a good opponent does help to alleviate a little of my disappointment in the dice. Anyways we'll pick ourselves up, move on and hopefully learn a few lessons from this one. At least our fan factor is going down which will help reduce my Team Value. There's always a silver lining   ; )

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